CPI & Alarm.com to Smartthings (and Alexa) Integration

For those using CPI, you can now achieve a partial Smartthings integration via the CPI Automations leveraging Alarm.com as their rules engine and remote access service.

Instructions for the integration can be found here:

Please note:
This can also expose Arm(Away/Stay) and Disarm switches to Alexa, so enable Disarm at your own risk. This will allow you to bypass the Alexa CPI Skill utterance, and use a direct utterance (e.g. “Alexa Arm Away on”).

Also, this does not currently support sensor monitoring or automation device commands. It only handles the arm/disarm of your security system.

So, there’s actually a potential deal breaker with this SmartApp. It constantly logs into the Alarm.com account to maintain the session.

If you have login notifications enabled (for obvious security reasons), you will receive login spam, which may result in a panicked spouse calling you because someone is trying to break into the account.

I setup my Alarm.com integration last night and it works beautifully. The one comment I want to make is that it shouldn’t the on/off switches it makes as a Thing really be a momentary switch? Because even the documentation says that turning them on or off activates the switch. Isn’t that the definition of a momentary switch.

I have another question about the Alarm.com integration. Is there way to check the status of the alarm?



I don’t think the integration allows for status updates via Smartthings. You may be able to do it via an Alexa Skill.

Smartapp no longer works as of this morning

I can confirm that my ST SmartApp to Alarm.com is not working. It registers as a logon to the site but does not execute. In a possibly related event, my Alexa Alarm.com skill required me to re-link to my account. It is possible that whatever code changes Alarm.com made last night were updated on the Alexa skill, which is now working. I attempted to reauthenticate my ST credentials, with no change in it’s inability to work.