Could I use a smart switch to turn on two regular outlets?

Looking to buy a few of these switches on sale and curious if I could use them to tie my 2 LED outdoor wall lights and 2 regular wall receptacles. Would like to automate my front entrance via phone/time around these dark 3pm seasons.

GE 15 amp Model #: 45637

Yes, definitely.

There’s two ways to do it:

If you want “dumb” outlets, then they need to be physically wired to the switch. A number of homes have something like this. For example, in my living room there is no light that hangs from the ceiling. Instead there’s a switch at the edge of the room that turns on/off power to a dumb outlet. I replaced that switch with a smart switch and now I can turn on/off that outlet via the SmartSwitch.

However, if wiring the outlets to the switch isn’t possible, you can also do this wirelessly by adding SmartOutlets. In this situation you’d replace the dumb outlets with Smartoutlets. The SmartSwitch now becomes optional here. You don’t NEED to replace the switch, but adding a smartswitch does provide you some local control by tying the switch and outlet(s) together via software.

I’ve done this as well in my same living room. It’s a semi-large room and just one table lamp doesn’t provide enough light, so I replaced a different outlet from the one discussed above with a smart outlet. Then I used a Smart Lighting Automation to tell the outlet to turn on whenever the switch is turned on and off when the switch is turned off.

Now turning on the switch provides power to the one dumb outlet, which turns on lamp 1. Then ST turns on the smart outlet, which turns on lamp 2.

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thank you for the confirmation sir - I will opt for the smart switch to control the dumb outlets and 2 LED lights out front. Many thanks