Noob question: Switch plus outlet plus smart bulb

I have a light switch controlling an outlet. I currently have a lamp plugged into that Outlet with an osram smart bulb. I want to switch out the dumb switch to a smart switch and or the outlet to a smart outlet. Weather or not to switch out the bulb is open for debate, but i like the ability to change the brightness, etc of the bulb itself im that particular room.

What would be best practice in getting this done? Switch out both the switch and outlet? Or just one of them and leave the bulb?

Thanks for any insight you can provide. :slight_smile:

(EDITED:) If the Outlet is only and “permanently” used for a dumb Bulb (connected to a dumb Outlet), then just replace the switch with a dimmable smart switch. That is the simplest and most direct solution.

Every alternative means you need to have some indirect connection from the switch to the bulb (possibly a smart dimmable outlet and/or bulb + a smart switch…). In this case, the typical and correct solution is to actually disconnect the switch from the circuit … it becomes a “remote control” only and just powered by the mains available at the switch if there is a neutral wire at the switch. (There is no good way to 100% reliably link the smart switch and smart outlet/bulb … But we do it anyway via SmartThings and/or possibly Z-Wave Direct Association, and it can work “ok”.) If there is no neutral at the switch, then there are some battery powered options, but not great ones. There’s a Topic you can search for.

The first option is not available to all folks; what if there is no Neutral wire at the switch?; what if the outlet is used for more than light?; what if you want physical control closer to the light?

As @tgauchat says, much depends on the details of how you want to use it.

First point, though, is that it’s unlikely you want a dumb switch controlling the load to the outlet as once it cuts power to the outlet, you can’t use a network command to turn it on again.

This might give you some additional ideas:

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No reason to leave the bulb in. Buy a regular LED that is dim-able then.

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Some people like to have a color tunable bulb, from cool white to warm white. This is one way to create an automated sequence that gives you simulated outdoor light indoors. So depends on the exact use case. A smart switch with a dumb bulb is a good choice for many people, but not everyone. :sunglasses:

Good Info.

@JDRoberts That’s what I’m currently doing now. I have the bulbs set to cool white when I turn it on with virtual switch. I like the cooler white. but I would like to keep the ability to set it to a warmer color if need be. Dimability, if that’s even a word…:slight_smile: would be nice as well So does this sound like I need to keep the smart bulb and get a smart switch?

thanks again everyone !