Could Econet EBV105 water shutoff be added to the compatibility of the HUB?

Apparently yes, the manufacturer has a video demo using smartthings with it.

You could contact them and ask for the device type or see if they’ve done something custom.

Their air vent controller is on the official compatibility list but this may use different code.

Thanks for the reply, Will do…


Econet has a Smartthing device type for the EBV105 water shutoff value on there website at this address.

That’s a smartapp, not a devicetype. If you don’t care about smart home monitor the smart app will work fine too.

can you please elaborate on this? what would i be missing without having/using the device type? not being difficult, just trying to understand

As far as I know this device will work out of the box with our generic Z-Wave Switch device type. We have no plans to certify this device at this time.

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@jovanm your fine… there are lots of things that don’t make sense with in smartthings and this is one of them. Beside the differences in the setup is all presentation and detail :slight_smile: . As Tyler mentioned the Econet EBV105 out of the box will be detected as a Z-Wave relay device (not a Z-Wave Switch, although there is very little difference between a relay and a switch) and will work just fine in an on/off capacity with the smartapp on econet’s website, but not with Smart Home Monitor.

Smart Home Monitor has the ability to open/close valves when a leak is detected, but a relay(on/off) is not a valve(open/close). So it won’t be found if you want Smart Home Monitor to close the valve when a leak is detected. If you don’t use Smart Home Monitor, this is not an issue. If you do and you don’t want another smartapp just to close the valve when a leak is detected My devicetype for the Econet EBV105 makes this happen. It lets SmartThings know the Econet EBV105 is a valve (which it is) and not a relay. This allows Smart Home Monitor to close the Econet EBV105 when a leak is detected. My devicetype shows it’s status as opened/closed and not on/off which makes WAY more sense to me and has all the valve icons too. It would also solve for world peace but someone disabled that function IDE. :innocent:

So in the end you have a choice on how you want your valve to look and work.

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