My custom econet EBV105 valve device type

I know there was one written by someone else but I had some issues with it… This one has different capabilities so It can be controlled by other apps/things besides those that have valve control (which basically is nothing by smart home monitor)


  • Econet ebv105 water valve … as modified from standard smartthings switch device type.
  • under door control instead of switches as the states more closely match a valve…
  • so for smartapps youd use doors to close and open , also needs valve capability so it can
  • be selected and closed from smart home monitor, and finally needs contact sensor capability
  • which other drivers were lacking so you can check state and do your own alerts from
  • notify me when smart app. Also correct signature to map to eBV105
  • tested by me for both notify when app, and also leak detection shut-off in smart home monitor.
  • alsoi I looked at Sidney Johnsons device type, so I also give him credit.


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there also is a light so I am working on v2 to try and set it when on, off etc. but it is not answering to the normal switch controls for this. I have a msg out to econet to see if there are any configuration parameters for this…

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Looks good…!

A couple minor suggestions, respectfully, if you don’t mind:

  1. You’ll gain some extra credibility if you use GitHub for code sharing (and it’s a requirement now, I think, for official device submission due to SmartThings’s amazing integration with GitHub).

  2. You may want to offer Capability Switch and alias on-open, off-closed to make this Device Type a little easier to integrate with arbitrary SmartApps. This is definitely subject to argument because it can result in various types of user confusion. An example benefit, however, is the device would instantly become compatible with Amazon Echo (on/off) and IFTTT (ummm… unless IFTTT already supports “valve”, but just in case it, or similar services, don’t…).

Take a look at our [new] official device type for Z-Wave valves.

This official one had the same problems as the other… no capabilities other than valve. So nothing can currently other than shm and no contact capabilities so non of the alert apps like notify me when can send alerts regarding if it actually closed or not… as for the the other comments… good ideas… although can’t echo already control doors?

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Nope… only through a Virtual Switch … i.e., anything with on/off Commands.

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After all that work both of these i bought are being returned anyway. Neither one at least on my valve in main home closes it completely …like 98%… but that last little 2% still lets water flow bummer. Possibly I could replace the valve, but if I do that I may as well get one that measures water flow.

ok after futzing with the install some more I got it just barely to turn off the water… so all is ok…
Also added switch capability and tested using smarttiles, so version 2 posted in the first post of the thread.
so now you can control it as a door or a switch and read status either as a contact sensor or a switch.
confusing enough… but powerful. Still no word back from econet on whether the light state can be controlled.

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Thanks again Larry. Your device type works much better with this device.

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Curious - it’s been almost 2 months since you posted this. I have been looking at this shutoff now for a few months. I was concerned about the motor not having enough torque to turn off my water because I know it’s not the easiest by hand. I emailed the company and they responded that the motor has a ton of torque and they recommend I setup a program to have the value close and reopen once a week so the value doesn’t seize over time. 2 out of the 3 reviews on Amazon both said the motor did not have enough torque for their shutoff.

I would prefer to go this route versus having to cut into my plumbing and add something like a FortrezZ (which is also way more expensive).

How are you still liking this valve after 2 months? Does anyone else have any input?


I installed it at a 2nd house and it is working fine so far… but if your valve is old and too hard to move it may be an issue… my issue is that it doesn’t turn back on 100% say 95-98% but that is good enough as long as it turns all the way off.

I just go down when I can and push it the rest of the way on.

I am wondering if you can do this routine with a standard device type - I cannot find a way to control the valve on schedule. :frowning: Probably miss something obvious? Any advise?



What do you mean. With my device type anything that turns lights or switches in or off can control it. In a schedule

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Ideally, SmartApps and Routines should “think outside the box” and include selection of “any” binary controller (Valve, Switch, Blinds, …) but that’s not typical of SmartApps.

Alternatively, in theory, every binary controller should always include Capability Switch and thus make it magically compatible with tons of SmartApps including Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, SmartThings Lighting, SmartTiles, etc…

I think the latter case is best, but I don’t know @Tyler’s feeling about non-Switches claiming Capability Switch. To me it is perfectly reasonable to consider turning a Valve, Lock, Window Shade, or Garage Door “on”.

I am wondering if I can do the same using SmartThings Valve Device type. It is a good idea to on/for valve for test, but I cannot get how to do it with the native type unfortunately… :frowning: