Simple Turn instead of expensive water valve

I have seen several automatic water shutoff valves, but they are all several hundreds of dollars, and would need professional (or at least very careful) installation. I’m wondering if there is any device that can just turn my existing valve - perhaps a motor with a gripper on the end would work. Anyone have any ideas on this?

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I can’t say anything to how well it works but I have seen them mentioned on the forums here:

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I own one, they work well

That looks awesome, but I think I have a knob valve instead of a lever. I will take a close look at it and see

If you have a round handle on your valve it is probably a gate valve and this device works with 1/4 turn ball valves. It won’t work on gate valves.

Gate valves restrict water flow, are prone to leaks, and typically can’t actually stop the flow of water after a number of years. There’s a reason why they aren’t used anymore. In your case, it would make sense to install a new valve. There won’t be shutoff a for yours.