Cost effective door/window sensors (UK)

If anyone does want the door sensors order them soon - I’ve written nice things about the Orvibo sensors in my PC Pro column (out in 2 or 3 weeks), so they might get a run on them at that point.

I am so easily lead :grin: Just placed my order.

Yeah, and I’m so overconfident about the impact of my magazine column :wink:


At last the postie has been with an overseas delivery… pity he didnt knock. I will be collecting mine from the local sorting office on Monday. :slight_smile:

Mine arrived today just under 2 weeks of placing the order. Very impressive looking kit, doesn’t look cheap.
Installed and working but not sure how to use the device handler to display battery status. Any help appreciated.
I have installed it as device type open/closed sensor

Use my device handler here

Are these the same ones everyone is talking about - the Orvibo ones ?

If so, then you can get them on now

Yes, they are the same. The Amazon ones are shipped from China too, so buying from Banggood is slightly cheaper.

Just to throw my two pence worth in. Agree with all comments. Have a couple of contact sensors shipped from Banggood in China and the range is definitely less that the ST ones (though I also read that they can re-establish a Zigbee mesh link with a ST SmartPlug but only if they first lose contact with the hub? I’ll try that sometime ).

Very useful to have the green feedback flash though !

Thanks @a4refillpad for his code development and to everyone who documented their experiences here.
I’ll keep the Orvibos for doors near the Hub and go further afield with the two ST multipurpose devices I have.

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Whenever you add a new repeating device to your zig been network, your other devices except for the hub won’t know that it’s there until they rebuild their own neighbor tables. So they won’t initially use its repeating capabilities. Fortunately, that’s very easy to do with zigbee. Just take the smart things hub completely off power (including removing batteries if it has them) and leave it off for at least 15 minutes. During this time leave all the others zigbee devices powered on. This will cause the end devices to go into “panic mode” as they realize that the Coordinator is not available.

Then when you power the hub on again, as each individual device reconnects it will rebuild its own neighbor tables fresh. This whole process can take a while, so you may not see an improvement until the next day. But it should cause your network to then route efficiently using all the available repeating devices.

Basically, any time you move a device to a new physical location, you probably need to rebuild the neighbor tables in this way. This is called “healing the network.” :sunglasses:

Hi @JDRoberts. Thanks. That is very helpful to understand the precise process. I tried having the Orvibo switch out of range from the main Hub but close to a ST smartswitch but it did not seem to add any range benefit. Now I understand why. I will try your method tomorrow.

Thanks again.

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I’ve not had to go through that palaver. I’ve simply added new repeaters (usually the UK outlet) and within 10 minutes or so the network seems to re-meshed and found the new routes.

Perhaps I’ve been lucky.

Is someone able to confirm what Orvibo products are working on ST?


Door/Window Sensor: Link Nice work @a4refillpad

Motion Sensor: Link

Not sure:

RGB Relay: Link @a4refillpad did you get this working?

Relay: Link Has anyone played with one of these yet? Would be useful for lighting, curtains, etc if it works in the same way as the Fibaro relays?

Thanks all.

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Rgbw relay - haven’t had the time to play any further with colours but very stable and working fine otherwise. Just no reds for now until I figure out the root cause. Red is not a colour I use much in the kitchen so not a show stopper for me.

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Thanks. Might be worth a look at! I’ve played with the the Dresden which works with Hue perfectly:

But if the Orvibo works and is half the price then I might just have to trial one :slight_smile:


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I have both in the house. The dresden is more fiddly to install and a little unsightly if you cannot hide it from view. However it works perfectly well with hue or direct.
Biggest reason is the orvibo is half the price as you state.

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Sold (like I needed the nudge). Thx.

Having just received some Orvibo door/window sensors (SM10ZW) from banggood, I seem to be unable to get them working on my ST hub (which is a V1 US hub, but used in europe with Zigbee devices only) .
The hub sees them, calls them “Thing”, but I am unable to get any good data out of it.
Tried to set them as the following devices:

  • Orvibo Contact Sensor (from the github code)
  • SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor
  • Open/Closed Sensor

No reaction to open/close in ‘Live Logging’. I only see lines like the following once every X minutes:
Parse returned Thing received 'read attr - raw: 22D201000316C507F00FE74309004B1200, dni: 22D2, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0003, size: 16, attrId: 07c5, encoding: F0, value: 00124b000943e70f’
When configured as Orvibo Contact Sensor (from the github code), it will report that line as heartbeat and it will deduct battery information out of it (100% in my case). But I see no ‘real time’ open/close messages.

The devices report as
application: v1.12.151128
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: 欧瑞
The board says: Door Sensor v0.5 2015-11-27

Is it my hub, or is it a new version that is incompatible? If the latter, can anyone point me to how to debug this?

Does the green LED ‘ring’ flash as you move the magnet to and from the sensor?

Yes (was just about to add that info).
And have tried deleting/adding several times. No luck.