Cost effective door/window sensors (UK)

Mine haven’t arrived yet. What sort of battery do they use?

CR2032, one of those big button ones, similar to what you find in watches or calculators etc

I’ve already had one battery die in less than a month. I’m hoping it is a one off though as the other 9 are all OK still.

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With help from @kriskit I have created a working devicetype handler for the first orvibo contact sensors. I can share it once I get the fingerprint sorted, hopefully tonight. This will let us monitor the battery level of the orvibo contact sensors. This way at least you’ll know when the battery drops to dangerous levels.


That’s brilliant - I have a few of the door sensors and would be happy to give your devicetype handler a test.

@a4refillpad sweet, sign me up as a tester. Thank you and @kriskit. This will be a handy feature.


my second battery just died on Friday :frowning: , so I’m only getting 7 days with it!!!. Am I the only unlucky individual here. I’ve have Waynes original Device Beta type associated with it.

Did you see the battery level go down? I’ve only replaced one battery so far and most are sitting between 100 and 80 after a month. The one I had to replace did not go down gradually and just died suddenly. I’m putting that down to a poor quality battery for the moment.

I got a notification that the battery level was down to 20% (due to your device type). It stayed like that for a day, and then died. However I noticed when I opened the door the green light would glow, so pressed the button again. It then showed 20% battery level (late Saturday evening), but by the next morning the battery level showed 0 and the green light no longer glowed when the door is opened.

The second battery I put in was a Panasonic one, so not too cheap I guess. But the level seemed to go from 100% to 20% (now to be fair I wasn’t paying attention each day on the battery level)

My two motion sensors and additional contact sensor just arrived today, so I shall let you know how I fair with that one.

Never seen one hit 0% so in a way that’s cool it shows that before it completely dies!

I’ve got 2 motions sensors running with the batteries supplied for a couple of weeks in busy parts of the house and so far the batteries are still reporting 100% so hopefully they fair better for you.

It’s entirely possible you have a duff contact sensor that’s leaching the battery. Is it just the one that keeps dying?

@a4refillpad :slight_smile:

@Kriskit, it has been but my other sensors have only just arrived 3 days ago, so I’ll reserve further judgement until give them a decent evaluation period :slight_smile:

My contact sensors arrived today so I will see how I get on with them.

My gut feel is that the range is shorter on these devices and you need a good mesh for them to stay working. When they cannot talk to the network for an extended period they behave in a similar fashion to the ST sensors and need their battery reseated.

But the good thing is that unlike some other sensors you get a visual indication of whether the event was seen by the hub - the green ring only flashes if the open/close event was successfully delivered.

I now use a spare Orvibo sensor as a network test tool! It’s great for seeing how far the mesh stretches.

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Yes you’re correct. One of the key things I never liked regarding the original ST sensors was the lack of any visual feedback. In fact there are a number of things that these orivibos have which I think is superior.
Thinner profile,
Wider gap for contact,
Easy to access button,
Led light to indicate activation, handshake and battery,
Easy slide to remove and install device,
Very easy access to remove/replace battery.
Less than half the price of the ST sensor!

Anyway put in yet another order now to get even more.

Yes! Initially I accidentally removed the top cover on the contact sensor exposing all the electronics because I had assumed it was more complicated to put the battery in than it was lol (reading the manual would have been a good idea too).

:smiley: I did the same the first time!

Another thing to look out for its the sheer strength of that adhesive. Pretty difficult to remove if you misalign accidentally. They also give you spares too!