Which Security Sensors? (UK£

So, complete SmartThings newbie, thinking about setting up a home security network using ST, however a little lost where to start.

I’ve read mixed reviews about the Samsung ST sensors, but I’m not a techie so want relatively simple integration and operation.

If I’m looking for motion sensors and window/door sensors, to work with a SmartThings Hub, what should I go for?

I’m in the Uk so the availability of these products is a little (a lot) more limited than the US.

Interested in advice from anyone who has gone through a similar process!


ive done well with neocool cam products, good price and work fine.
I have contact sensor on outside gate, with just a pice of vinal table cloth over the top to give extra weater protection and a motion sensor (mounted 6" into a cut off silicone tube) acting as a outside lasier trip sensor, both with no (touch wood) issues (been set up around 8 months)

Ill check them out!

Sounds like an obvious question, but presuming I set them up in ST, what happens if one is triggered? Do I just receive a notification? What happens if I’m not near my phone / asleep?

SmartThings is not well suited to a security system if you are in the UK unless you get the Vodafone V Home version. That’s because all the other models are cloud based (not just internet based—they also require that the SmartThings cloud be operational). All notifications, even just the ones to your own phone, require the cloud. And there is literally no way to arm/disarm the system if the cloud is not available, which can be really annoying if a siren is going off. :rage: Plus there is no locally functioning keypad.

I suggest instead that if you just want self monitoring that you look at Yale.

If you can wait, Amazon’s ring alarm is due in the UK later this year, and if it matches the US offering it will be a strong candidate. It offers optional professional monitoring at a quite low monthly cost.

Simplisafe is another low cost offering with optional monthly monitoring which is newly available in the UK but has been operating in the US for about 10 years.

Any of these would be more fit for purpose than smartthings, again except for the Vodafone model.

If you are looking for a Home Automation system, but not security, then smarthings is A top candidate for most people looking for low-cost systems. It’s just not well suited if your primary requirements are security, again with the exception of the Vodafone model, which is bought through Vodafone.


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Thanks for this, the Yale was recommended elsewhere. The issue is that I want a customisable home system which enables me to set custom lighting automations etc. The Yale looks like a good security system but when I add a doorbell, smart lighting, smart plugs, thermostats, it becomes an awful lot of apps.

Therefore was trying to find, as best possible, a one stop shop even if there are some slight compromises along the way…

I’d second JDRoberts’ advice here. It’s okay if all you want is basic notifications and you’re happy that ‘something is better than nothing’. But if you want a proper alarm system Yale or SimpliSafe are much better options.

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I’ve not used it, since I don’t actually have SimpliSafe myself, but there does seem to be a pretty active community-written integration - SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)

This would give you a nice middle ground - a standalone alarm system that you can integrate with ST so you don’t need to use multiple apps. Just be aware that since it’s not an official integration, your mileage may vary

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I also have a Yale alarm which is integrated into smartthings so it auto arms etc but still have the keypad or the Yale app as a backup disarm. Can’t rember last time in needed them tho

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