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CoRE SmartApp Changes - 1/5/17

(Bob) #65

Not really for this thread but how are you accessing CoRE?

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #66

Same I have this on one of my piston’s now.


I can access on my other piston and even to my dashboard. But only this 2 piston that gives me unauthorized blah… blah when I try to access it though this two piston still working.

(Bob) #68

Are you accessing CoRE via the Automation Tab in the app or via the Marketplace?
Once you have pistons you should always access via the Automation tab or you can get problems.
That was what I was getting at.


I’m accessing it in automation.

(Kevin Neberman) #70

@ady624 @slagle @vlad

Well, having some issues now. I wasn’t sure if it was CoRE or not so I deleted other SmartApps, rebooted, etc just to make sure.

I noticed that I had longer event delays and execution times.

I went ahead and deleted a piston and when recreating it I received

2125ed49-3bc0-447c-abc1-3f567fcc5e69 9:06:06 PM: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 32854387205691 @ line 4522

Everything is extremely slow to load at this point. Ideas on where to start troubleshooting?


Error occurred in trend setter
Routines not working consistantly
(vlad) #71

@Kevin_Neberman Looking at your errors specifically they seem to be coming from slowness in one of our databases - this isn’t specific to your installation - our infrastructure team is aware and is working on some mitigations.


Any solution for this issues:
DId you resolve your problem same as mine.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #73

I have not, mine is still in same state.

(Steve White) #74

FWIW, I do not use CoRE but have also been seeing java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException on SmartApps and even Routines over the past few days. It is becoming highly irritating.

(John) #75

I noticed the same thing regarding the timeout errors. It could be coincidental, but I started noticing them, along with the associated sluggishness, after the recent database change that affected CoRE. @vlad

(vlad) #76

I know it seems connected as it happened around the same time but the timeouts are unrelated to the CoRE update (the CoRE update itself didn’t have anything to do with the database that is having issues) - we know the root cause of the database slowness and they are unrelated.

(Aaron S) #77

If you think you might be experiencing this issue, please let support know and we will dig in.

CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons
(Steve White) #78

Ticket #304252 opened.

(Aaron S) #79

Got it - we will dig in. Thanks!

(Jason) #80

Has the database issue been resolved, All of my pistons and most smart apps are timing out. My lights are not working, please help!!!

(Craig) #81

Seeing slow response and occasional java timeout errors here as well.

(Craig) #82

And now this:

(Steve White) #83

I’m seeing hundreds of timeouts per hour right now. Simple DTH’s are throwing errors right now and simple SmartApps are failing. Come on ST, fix the damn cloud or give us complete local processing.

(Craig) #84

This is ridiculous.