SmartApp File Size Increase

@jody.albritton @slagle

We myself, @E_Sch, @desertblade are kinda at a development stand still at the moment.
We have been optimizing the best we can but we continue to keep having issues saving the app in the IDE once it’s byte size goes over 500Kb.
The only other option would be to split the app into multiple apps requiring users to reconfigure and adding far more complication to the whole experience. or to remove existing features from the App.

It would really be helpful we could see an increase to something like 750Kb for now.

I know we aren’t the only SmartApp that has reached this limit. @ady624


@slagle Tim, can you please help here. Many of us who rely on these apps are literally not even able to install them anymore due to this 500kb limit. This is now getting to a ridiculous point with all the ST limitations. The only thing you guys have going for you right now is all the forum and dives onboard. You are slowly going to be losing this if you don’t get with the program. Can we please get an update to at least 750kb for now?

@vlad what are your thoughts here?

@vlad said it will require someone above him to make that decision, so he recommended that I reach out to you guys

We’re gonna up the limit. Should go out next week.


Thanks Tim. Really happy to hear that!

Thanks a lot Tim it’s much appreciated.

Sorry for the late reply (been on vacation), it looks like we’re moving forward with the file size increase but I do want to call something out here. @tonesto7 and I chatted about this early last week and I had some hesitation in regards to platform stability for this type of change. We’ve been focusing a lot on tuning the Garbage Collector and putting in code optimizations to help mitigate the time spent on major Garbage Collection events. One of the main contributors to our GC times right now is the PermGen space - which is the memory taken up by class definitions (this is where your SmartApps/DeviceTypeHandlers are compiled to). Upping the file size limit won’t put more pressure on the PermGen space by itself but adding more code to these large SmartApps will have a downstream impact on platform performance. This is something we will have to deal with (that’s why they pay us right? :slight_smile: ) but I did want to call out that the file size limit is not an arbitrary/ridiculous limitation - it has quantifiable effects on platform performance and is something we need to be very careful with when tweaking.