CoRE + IFTTT + Phone-Call + ? = Interactive Awareness

Anybody know if there is any way of cobbling a few things together to make a an ‘aware’ phone notification system? i.e. something that actually knows whether or not I’ve gotten the message.

I know it’s possible to connect SmartThings to IFTTT (I have that), and to have IFTTT place phone calls for events (I have that).

The part I’m not sure about is having it do ‘something else’ if there is no answer by a real human.

I assume, as it is by itself, if I don’t answer, it would take the answering service as an ‘answer’, and all it would know is that the call was answered.

I want to see if there’s a way of adding ‘awareness’ to the mix.

Perhaps the way to do it would be to have a rule flick a switch, and check it again in x-minutes, and if it hasn’t gone back off (i.e. a way to monitor for human interaction), then have it ‘do something else’.

Any other (better) ideas?

Spitballing, CoRE plus IFTTT using text messaging would work I think. Set a variable if a response is received in a certain timeframe.

I don’t think the phone can work, no good way of detecting “answered”.

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If you’re on Android, I imagine you can do this using Tasker and SharpTools.
Should be able to turn on a virtual switch using IFTTT for a missed call or new text (I do this already for visual light notifications for those events) and then have Tasker monitoring your phone. If it sees that notification go away (or it sees you call voicemail, or however you set it up), have it tell SharpTools to turn off that virtual switch.

I’m not a Tasker pro, but I’m sure something in there can be setup for this.

If you’re on iOS, don’t think I can help you.

If you’re on Windows mobile, well, even ST doesn’t want you here. :wink:


Other than a trigger that is manually tripped by me, I want to keep this all happening in SmartThings, and not on my phone. Otherwise, this would definitely work. I’m no Tasker pro either, but I’ve done about as much in there as I have in SmartThings. So, ya, I’m sure I could figure it out if I wanted to go that route.

Thanks. It’s definitely a viable option if anybody wants to do it that way.

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Have you considered purchasing a purpose made auto dialer?..[/quote]

This is definitely an interesting concept.
However, it looks like it requires a ‘landline’, which I don’t have, and don’t want to pay for on a continuous basis.

Is there anything like this that can somehow use a service on the internet to make the calls instead of a landline (or even a mobile/cellular connection) in the house?

I’m not saying that an internet connection for such things is more reliable or anything. It just is what it is…just asking for curiosity’s sake.

You might be able to use Google Voice for scheduling calls.
I know it USED to be possible, but not sure if it still is.
There was a method of using GVCallScheduler to make it place calls based on a Google Calendar (which means you could use IFTTT to add an event to Google Calendar based on an ST event with the info, and then Google Voice would place the call at the time/date on the calendar).

I haven’t used Google Voice in a few years. Google may have patched this over as it could certainly be exploited.
Worth some research, at the very least.

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IFTTT or CoRE can send you a message after an event happens. If you’re on Android, IFTTT can read if you send a message to a certain number too, so you could theoretically reply to whatever message is sent to you and have IFTTT trigger on that.

Same capability exists with phone call, looks like there is a distinction made between phone call received and phone call answered.