Linking IFTTT to SmartThings Intrusion

Is there a way have IFTTT recognize an “Intrusion” from SmartThings? I am looking to have IFTTT call my phone when an Intrusion is detected. I was only able to see a way to link an individual device or Thing (like a door sensor) to IFTTT, and not the SmartThings state.


You could have SmartThings turn on a Virtual Switch when there is an intrusion and use that Virtual Switch in IFTTT recipes.

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Thanks for the tip. I created the Virtual Switch, but I can’t find out where or how to link it to the Intrusion.

Are you using Smart Home Monitor (SHM)?

If so, go into the Configure menu (open up Smart Home Monitor from the Dashboard and click in the top right corner to open the menu).
Click on the Security section
Navigate through the Intrusion Sensors sections for Armed/Away and Armed/Stay
When you get to the Alarm & Notification section, click on Alert with Lights and locate the Virtual Switch in that list.
Click Done and you are all set from the SmartThings side.

Go into IFTTT and set up the recipe so that if that Virtual Switch comes on, you get a phone call!
Just remember to turn that Virtual Switch back off each time (may want to put it into your Routines so it resets to OFF for you automatically).

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You can also put the Virtual Switch on a timer to turn off 5 or 10 minutes after being turned on.

I have the virtual switch working so that it turns on at the appropriate time, and I setup IFTTT to call me when that switch goes on, but it isn’t working. IFTTT isn’t responding to the virtual switch. I edited the channel and made sure the virtual switch was checked and still nothing. Is there a trick to getting IFTTT to recognize a virtual switch?


Hi! how to set timer on that virtual switch? thanks

Sorry for the necropost but is there an updated method? It appears you can no longer add a virtual switch.

They are now called ‘simulated’ switches.

That aside, wouldn’t it be a bit quicker and more reliable if you install the SmartThings mobile app on the phone on which you wish to receive these alerts? Indeed it would gobble up a bit of memory/storage so you’d have to consider that, but it would give you access to ST out in the field… and would alert you when an intrusion is detected.

Hi Glen. I do have the app and receive alerts. But since I get a ton of alerts from other apps, I am concerned that I may not see or hear the alert for an intrusion, so I would prefer to receive a phone call as I can set it to call a google voice number that will ring at several phones.

It appears that I misunderstood how the “virtual” switch works. I actually need a physical switch installed somewhere in my house to then be able to link the “virtual” switch in ST. I will be looking into what area in my house would be ideal for a switch.

It would be nice for SmartThings to add a channel for Intrusion detection so there wouldn’t be a need for this roundabout way of achieving the desired result.