SMS notifications as triggers?

I get notifications about packages theough text messages.

Is there any way to use the notification as a trigger?

I dont always have my phone on me at home. So id like a light to flash when the mail arrives.

You could use ifttt to trigger your lights or a virtual switch on smartthings.

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Does it regognize the text?

Would I be able to make light:
Brown - UPS
Blue - USPS
Red - FedEx

Just thinking out loud.

Something like this?

Nice. I’ll try That!

My understanding (please correct me if I’m mistaken) is that IFTTT is slow.
A quicker response may be obtained by utilizing a spare android tablet running ST and sharptools (needs Tasker). Almost any incoming notification can be used to trigger ST events.

Incoming sms is generally processed quite fast in IFTTT as it’s a local process on the phone. Sending the instruction to Smartthings is also generally good but you are right, does suffer from lag occasionally. However, for package deliveries like this I don’t believe seconds matter too much. Sharptools is also great and can achieve the same result.I use both in my integrations.

I have sharptools installed as well. I didn’t thibk it was able to read phone SMS

Fyi for anyone that wants this to work on android.
The apps must be “unmonitored” so they dont get put to sleep.

Sharptools cannot on it’s own but via Tasker it can.

My IFTTT works very fast for my virtual switches.

I have my bloom lights go green for a new text (in case I am playing a video game and have my headset on), blue for a missed call, yellow for an email from UPS saying my package is available for pickup (via gmail channel), and I am working on setting up fedex and USPS.

There have actually been a few times where the light went green BEFORE I got the text on my phone. Not all channels on IFTTT are slow.

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What is the best way to do this without getting the notification of the phone as well? There are a lot of notifications I’d like to trigger announcements and other things ,but I don’t want a ton of SMS goign to my phone. Is there another phone number or device I can send SMS to that IFFFT then read and trigger pistons or devices without paying for a SMS subscription of any kind?