Routine to close 3 garage doors

I hvae 3 Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave garage door devices hooked up to my garage doors. They all work great and I have no issues with them detecting the status, and opening closing the garage doors, until I put them in a routine I tried to create a routine where at a certain time, if any of them are open, it would close them. Easy enough to do in the smart things app on my phone, however when I tested the routine with all 3 garage doors open, only 2 of them would close, the other one would not seem to get the signal. After running all sorts of tests, it seems that issuing the close command to all 3 devices at once seems to confuse SmartThings… if I were to have any combination of the 2 garage doors open, it always works, however when I have all 3 open and try to close them all at once, one of them(the same one every time) doesn’t close and doesn’t seem to get the command to close.

Any ideas why this might be happening and if there is something I can do to remedy it? Is there a way to pause before I issue the commands? Close garage door 1, pause 5 seconds, close garage door 2, pause 5 seconds, close garage door 3?


Under things what does the garage doors show up as? Contact sensor, switch, outlet.

I’m poking around in my phone app and I don’t see a description for it, but it looks like a garage door icon for all 3 of them.

have you tried this with a core piston?

setup three different routines one for each door one minute apart and see what happens.

That’s what I did to work around it(2 routines though). No issues when I do that. Just seems odd that I can’t do 3 at once.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand core piston?

Awesome, thank you for that explanation. Gives me some good research material!

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