Cool Samsung Refrigerator

Really cool samsung refrigerator…$2000 off the regular price in November 2016.

Can we control smart things from it?

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Not sure about ST, but seen plenty of social media posts of people going into HD/Lowe’s and loading the browser with porn LOL


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Sadly… no SmartThings app on the fridge. It does have a separate Samsung Smart Home app that does nothing for me to control SmartThings. I’ve been able to load SmartTiles in the browser but it does not behave well. Tiles don’t all load and it logs me out often. Since the OS is Tizen and not something more mainstream like android, there doesn’t appear to be any way to add 3rd party apps. Registering the fridge as a device in SmartThings does allow me to subscribe to door open/close events, but that’s about all that works today. The device handler seems to err out when attempting to do anything else. Hoping this is an area for further development someday.


I get those with a $10 OC sensor on the freezer door.


I tried to hang a screen on the freezer door last year. Didn’t work out too well.
It occurs to me that a company could do well by simply adding a 7" tablet ‘space’ with a micro USB power connector into the upper door of a refrigerator. I certainly would not spend $2K to have a fridge with built-in screen… but I certainly would pay an extra hundred bucks to have a preconfigured space to put in my own screen.

“Why the fridge?” You ask. Why not the counter, perhaps an under-counter screen that folds up underneath when not used? Simple: such a location would interfere with needed counter space. Not every smart home is a McMansion with a massive kitchen. Millions of homes have a functional galley kitchen, and in that circumstance that big blank white cold thing is the best (or only) available and visually-unused space in the room.


I’ve got a project in mind when Action Tiles comes out, if it’s as awesome as I hope, where I’ll have a 7" Amazon tab with only that on it, integrated into one of my cabinet doors. A thin power wire going down the back of one hinge hidden with strain relief so it doesn’t impact the actual usage of it.

Yeah I would do that in a second if I lived alone. But the kitchen is my wife’s sacred space lol, so I have to be very careful about such things. If I’m gonna deploy something there, it had better work… and provide her with “added value” in the process.

One thing that IMO is an absolute must is for its kitchen screen to respond to voice commands. Particularly, the ‘scroll’ command. Scroll up, scroll down, scroll right. And the ‘zoom’ command (in, out). perhaps a ‘switch’ command.

“Screen, please switch to the apple tart recipe. Ok, now scroll down.”
“Screen, please switch back to the beef Wellington recipe. Zoom in… scroll right”

This allows the user to move around in recipes, without having to touch the screen. That’s huge when your hands are full of messy raw ingredients.

EDIT: I guess one possible path forward would be a screen with Alexa built-in (amazon is supposedly going in that direction already) with the appropriate skills to manipulate that screen.