Can you monitor a samsung refrigerator temperature with the SmartThings app?

Samsung Refrigerator Model#RF28R6241SR and have connected to smartthings app. It’s clear that I can adjust the desired temperature through the app but it’s unclear if I can see the current temperature. Am I missing something?

I would also like to know. From what I could find on the web, it does not, which seems stupid. Being able to monitor the fridge temp, was one of the main reasons why I wanted to get a Samsung fridge for my holiday home.

I can see fridge and freezer temperatures in ST app, can also change from there.

I just looked and mine doesn’t have it either. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed that. All I can see is the set point in the ST app. The weird thing is, it shows me the current temp and setpoint in Alexa.

Interesting thanks for your response. I can change temperature but it doesn’t show current temperature. Example: current set temperature is 37, change it to 35 and it shows 35. Of course, eventually the temperature will be 35 but no indication of progress towards set temperature. My concern is when traveling I want to ensure refrigerator is working.

Based on your response I connected to Alexa by enabling Smartthings App. All I get is “Cool” with no indication of temperatures or even ability to modify set point. I guess I just don’t understand.

You don’t see this under the thermostats devices section?

Correct, I don’t have this screen. Attached is the only screen that I can see. Can you assist me in fixing this?

I should’ve been more clear. The screenshot I showed you was in Alexa. This is the only place I can see the current fridge temp AND the set point. In the ST app, my page looks just like yours. I don’t think there’s a visible way to see the current temp in ST; however, the data must be there if it’s passing it through to Alexa.

Thanks for the clarification. This is what I get in Alexa.

No thermostat section on mine

Just FYI… You can get the temperatures for both the fridge and freezer if you use Action Tiles @tgauchat . Action Tiles can also show if you if either door is open, turn ice maker on/off, and adjust temp of fridge/freezer.

Just got my fridge and got it connected to SmartThings and same issues here, seems silly to see the “set” temperature but not the actual temperature, would be helpful to know if power goes out and temp rises… although I guess if power goes out the fridge goes offline, but maybe when it kicks back on you’d know at that point. I see some folks can access temp in Alexa but I don’t get that option (or at least haven’t found it).

A refrigerator basically has one purpose to exist. That is to keep food cold/frozen.

How in the world could Samsung overlook adding the one thing that most people would find important in the app? Please fix this! BTW, Google assistant tells me the refrigerator is 3 deg if I ask.

Probably because the design team never bothered to ask a customer what they wanted. The engineer would “assume” that if you set the temperature then that’s what’ll it will be … because that’s the way he designed it.