Older Refrigerator and SmartThings

I have a Samsung Refrigerator model # RH29H9000SR that was in the house I just bought. I am trying to get it to join my WiFi network. The manual references an “E-Smart” app from Samsung, but it is apparently only available to Android. I do not own an Android device and my experience attempting to get any sort of emulator running on my Mac has resulted in nothing but many wasted hours. There is a Samsung page about getting refrigerators to work with SmartThings, but it does not work. The AP network generated by my refrigerator does not match any of the ones the SmartThings app says it is expecting. Even though I can join the refrigerator’s WiFi network as part of the setup process in SmartTHings, it is never detected and so I cannot proceed with the setup.

How can I get this refrigerator on my Wifi network?

This forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers with the smartthings home automation platform. Smartthings staff don’t usually participate here except to moderate harassment and spam, and except for one section dedicated to developers.

Usually people with the big ticket Samsung items like refrigerators and televisions will get a quicker response from the official Samsung support forum, where Samsung employees do answer questions. They may just send you back here again, but it’s probably worth asking over there. :thinking: