Convince me why I would use new app over classic

Originally when the migration happened to the new app my profile would not work. So I ignored it, well turns out that’s resolved and I was able to log in and pull data down for setup. So I’ve got a basic functionality in the new app. What are the advantages to the new app vs old. Why would I want to use it?..other than I know at some point they will sunset the old app. I work heavy with scripting and automation so Webcore is at the root of my background and preferences. Convince ME!

It’s not a matter of convincing. At this stage, some people will find value in the new V3 app, some will not. Eventually everyone will have to use it because the V2 classic App will go away.

  1. some devices only work with the V3 app. That includes high-end Samsung smart televisions and appliances, but also some of the newer official integrations. I believe the new TP Kasa integration is one of these.

  2. The V3 app has a much better built-in rules engine than the V2 app. If you are using webcore, you probably don’t care, but it does make a difference to some people.

  3. there is a community thread where people write about what they like better about the new app:

Things I like BETTER about the new app vs Classic

But if you like the V2 classic app better now, you can continue to use it until it goes away. :sunglasses:

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Thanks this is helpful.

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Loads faster, better UI, lightning groups, works with most samsung products and is the only app in the future, new integration with other manufacturer. Still needs alot of work, so for me I will still use both!

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That may not be true for everyone. The new app has always been slower by a factor 3-5 over the Classic here, especially when you have a lot devices (50+), the main page can take upto 30 seconds to load before you can click on a device, the Classic app takes about 5 seconds.


Wow…! I have 63 devices on my system and the new app on my Android system loads faster. I take faster back a little to “could be faster” :grin: