Controlling Somfy/Sunsetter awnings

The native Control is just on or off, all the way open all the way closed. No function to stop. I’m using the Somfy Z-wave to RTS interface, model 1811265. I’ve tried changing the type to Z-wave window shade, no luck. Has anybody found a solution for this?

I am sorry I cant help, but super interested in your setup. I have a Sunsetter awning with the remote that opens and closes the awning. With the Z-Wave RTS interface are you able to control your awning?

Yes I can, if you’re looking for the Somfy Interface, look at Zebrablinds, they have the best price.

I’m trying out different device types in the SmartThings IDE, it started as a generic switch, that basically has push once open all the way, push again close all the way, it didn’t have a stop. Trying the device for blinds, you push it starts and push again it will stop you push the home button to retract it all the way. I think the problem is, the Somfy motor doesn’t report back where it is so I’m going to have to play games with timing. In the summer I only wanted to open a few feet to block the sun from coming in.
As far as interface, you include the main unit and then you include each channel, on my Somfy remote, that’s 4, but I believe I read up to 16. I only have one right now will be adding one when I replace the non-motorized awning on the other side of the house.

Maybe there’s a device handler out there for it, I just haven’t found it yet.

If you are going to use routines or automations, you will only be able to open/close your sunsetter awnings since they are dumb motors. Preset will not function.

The DTH I ended up using allows you to open/close/stop your sunsetter awning within the app. So with the stop button you can stop it when it is in motion. So in that regard, you don’t need the somfy remote.

It is not perfect but it works. Oh, you get the options I mentioned above in the Classic app. In STSC, you don’t get the the stop option so it only allows open/close and no in between.

can someone please tell me what a DTH is? I am trying to find the cheapest way to replace my sunsetter Awning remote.


you may wish to use the Bond bridge at this point. The current system of groovy DTHs will be phased out. At this point, I have not seen any Edge drivers (which are the replacement for groovy DTH) for the sunsetter awning even though one of the developers could probably make one for you if you requested. You would still need to get the zrtsii. for that reason, probably easier to move over to the Bond bridge.

I have switched over to Bond.