Controlling Sunsetter Awning?

Looking for inexpensive (ok cheap) way to control awning.

Just added Smartthings contact sensor. Via Web COre, now get message if extended after 8:00PM. Am now monitoring acceleration to see if useful for reporting excessive wind.
So my real goal is to automate closing if wind or rain. Any ideas? Do have Sunsetter wind sensor that is not working. One wacky idea is to link with dry zwave contact. Acceleration sensor could activate dry contact-wind sensor and close awning. Could likewise use moisture sensor to close if raining.

The sunsetter motorized retractable awning does not connect directly with ST. But you can purchase a Somfy ZRTSII which does connect directly with ST. Then you can pair the sunsetter motor (usng your Somfy button conrtoller) to the ZRTSII and control it through ST.

You may wish to contact @ZebraBlinds in regards to purchasing a ZRTSII. I was able to get a lower price through him. Not sure if that offer is still available through Zebra Blinds or not.

Once you get it connected, you can create pistons in webcore to utilize local weather conditions to close due to high wind speeds or rain. or try your wacky ideas.

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jkp thanks for reply. Did see discussion of ZRTSII. Concern is expensive and don’t believe automatically retracts awning if windy or rain.

that is why I mentioned to contact @ZebraBlinds and see what price is being offered. I have a sunsetter and I use webcore to retract on high wind or bad weather using ZRTSII

@jkp I’m interested in the sunsetter are you happy with your purchase and does it block the sun as good as it claims? and are there any problems that you have encounter with the sunsetter.

Have 10 year old, 20’×12’ model. Been fantastic. Bought on EBay and paid to install (as indicated, I’m cheap).

I like it. It provides shade for my very sunny back deck. YMMV depending on size and placement. No problems as yet after 5 years of use.

@retire01022004 and @jkp hey thanks for the response , it looks like there a sunsetter in my future. 5yrs and 10yrs and still going strong that rock solid. Thanks

Key is to protect from high wind and rain. Either can easily destroy. Have helpful automatic wind sensor from Sunsetter (via Amazon). But always careful to close when away or at end of day. Best of luck.

The ZRTSI coupon still works. SmartThingsZRTSI

The item is here:

Is the final price $151.01 or a coupon for further savings?

@jkp I am new to posting in this community (actually in any community/forum) and new to DTH’s and Apps but have been using ST for many years. I got my first Sunsetter awning in 2009 (still have it), and now I have 3 total (two 10s and one 13foot.)
Anyway I see that you have SS awnings and I am very interested in how to use the weather DTH in ST, or more specifically, how to implement the wind data to retract the awnings when the wind is high. I have had a zrtsi (I paid the high price…didn’t know about @ZebraBlinds) for a few years but never knew how to do DTH’s so I use my ST to just open and close. I have a little more time these days so I just created the DTH from imnotbob.
I sure would appreciate any help.

Don’t know if of help. I use a wind sensor from Amazon (EOLIS 3D WIREFREE RTS : WHITE (MPN#1816081 $185)) to automatically close awning upon high wind. Also have a Smartthings open/close sensor between the support arms so I can remotely tell if awning open or closed. I created an automation to send alert if open after 9:00 PM.
Would like ability to open and close when away. Understand possible but rather expensive.

Hope helps,

you can use webcore to manage the sunsetter awnings. webcore can do everything from opening/closing on a daily routine or only certain periods during the year. you can also code it to where the awnings close during extreme weather conditions or high wind.

as for the DTH, i just use the stock z-wave shade at this point. not perfect but it works.

you can post on the webcore forum and get advice on building pistons

Wow thanks for getting back to me so fast…wasn’t too sure. I do have the wind sensor from SunSetter but obviously I prefer to utilize the complete functionality of ST…I can open and close my awnings from anywhere in the world. But with functionality comes Complexity hence the need for help.
@jkp thanks for the info on webCoRE Community Forum…I did look at the site and see that there are instructional videos and the such so I have more Homework to do…another fun challenge (building pistons) :grinning:
Thanks again!

I know it’s much later, but I just wanted to chime in here as I’m in a similar boat. I have an Ambient Weather station that controls a lot of things in the house based off UV through smart things API. You can definitely do this based off the weather, I’m just not sure I understand completely how to get these sunsetter shades integrated with Smart things…I haven’t purchased them yet, but I’m interested. ANy advice?

There are two options that I know of …

option 1) purchase a ZRTSI z-wave bridge to connect your Sunsetter awning to your ST hub.

option 2) purchase a Bond bridge which has an integration with the ST cloud.

Both are slightly clumsy in how you can operate Sunsetter awnings through ST. The ZRTSI option creates one button in ST and uses the z-wave shade device handler. The controls inside allow you to open (retract the awning)/close (extend the awning)/pause (stop) the awning. There is a preset (partially extending/retracting the awning) but it does not work with the dumb somfy motors that Sunsetter uses. The Bond bridge will create two on/off buttons in ST… one will extend/retract the awning and the other button Stops the awning while it is extending/retracting. With Automations…There is no way to partially extend/retract the awning with either option… it is either open all the way or close all the way. The only method to stop it partially in either direction is to manually do it with both options noted above.

Others may have additional thoughts or ideas.


This was super helpful! So if I get sun setter shades I need one ZRTSI? I’ve been reading up on ZRTSII but didn’t know the difference… hmmm. I’ll look into the smart things cloud also! Happen to have a link for the exact ZRTSI I would need for this?

Oh good news is I just purchased a bond bridge to control my ceiling fans so I should be able to use this with the sun setter shades! Excellent

yeah, I misspelled the name