Controlling Philps Smart TV PUS7150 using Smartthings

Hi there,
I own Philips Android Smart TV model 55PUS7150 and I can easily control it using Philips TV Remote app running on my Android mobile phone . Can I control via my TV using Smartthings with a dedicated DH or SmartApp ? It will be great to have routine like : “Turn Off TV when mode is AWAY”.
I hope someone can advice…

Buy a Harmony, unless Philips has IFTTT and you can tie it to a virtual switch in ST.

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I don’t think i need harmony. TV is smart and connected with wire of WIFI to internet to the same network as my Smartthing Hub. I can turn it on and off via Philips TV Remote app as well as controlling the TV channels , the volume and any function that exist. If everything is working through the web why do I need Harmony ? A SmartApp or DH might do the job…

Just because a device has WiFi, does not mean that it is ST compatible. You asked a question of how to integrate it with ST and got an answer. Just because you did not like the answer, does not make the answer wrong. If you want to integrate your Philips TV with ST the options are Harmony, or if Philips app has an IFTTT channel.
My coffee pot has Wifi, Alexa, and an app, that doesn’t mean there’s an open API so I can have ST make my morning coffee for me.