Controlling Themostat Fan Only with Remote Button?

I have a Honeywell Thermostat connected to Smartthings. I’m looking to use that new Smartthings Button or something similar to turn on/off only the fan of my hvac system.

Anyone know how I would do this?

Yup, I do this too for my Evolve thermo using Aeon minimotes and the Iris buttons, and Alexa, and other automations. It’s going to take just a little work on your part though because it’s not currently “built in” to the stock zwave thermostat DTH from ST. Here’s how I did it (assuming you have a zwave thermo).

First I’m using my own DTH for the thermo that adds On and Off controls/capabilities (Switch) just for the fan. This is key, and I don’t care that it’s not running local to the hub. You’d have to do something similar, or maybe try my DTH (used mainly with Android OS’s and the Evolve zwave thermo).

Next I created a virtual switch that I can control the fan via automations and apps.

Next I created a Smart Lighting automation that turns on/off the thermostat’s fan based on the state of that virtual switch.

Since that virtual switch is known to Alexa, I can easily ask her to control the fan. It’s also easy now to add that switch to Routines.

Your other option could be to try webCore. I personally don’t use it, so I can’t say for sure how you’d set that up. You should ask that question in that specific discussion if you want to try:


My Thermostat is WiFi.

I would like to so this with my NEST thermostat. Has anyone done the fan on/off for a NEST?

Ok, bummer. I’m not sure how to do it with that device.

Not sure. Depending upon how you integrated it, there may be a way. If you used Nest Manager, try asking in that thread?

Anyone know how to turn on/off the thermostat fan only using Alexa? My thermostat uses My Total Home Comfort by Honeywell.