GE smart outlet

I’m new to SmartThings and home automation. In the last month I’ve purchased a SmartThings hub, and zigbee thermostat,and an eco. Last night I purchased a GE z wave smart outlet. I would like to setup a schedule but can’t quite navigate the app how I want to and was looking for some pointers. During the week I want the outlet to only be on from a certain time to a certain time. And the id like to set it up on the weekends to have a few window through out the day for it to be on. It’s for a child’s tv and will help limit there viewing time. Thanks in advance

Check out the SmartThings “Smart Lighting” SmartApp. It should be able to do everything you’re trying to accomplish, and it will run locally on the hub (vs in the cloud) for more reliable operations.

Thanks perfect. Is there anyway to view these automations or change them once there set?

Sure, you can always go into the Smart Lighting app and view/change them.

Thanks for some reason the app didn’t show up in my smart things app and now it does great! Thanks again

Just beware that you said you are trying to control the power going to a TV. A lot of tv’s come on when plug them in, and that is basically what you are going to do when you turn on the outlet. So, you would need a TV that won’t come on when it is plugged in. Otherwise the tv would come on for every one of those windows whether your child was watching it or not.

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This is true for some TV. I have similar automation for most of my TV’s and one of my older Samsung will switch on when power cycle.

But definitely something to check BEFORE setting up the rest of the automation, wouldn’t you agree?

I ended up putting the roku box on the smart side of the outlet so it just turns it off. So the tv can come on but it’s basically worthless. Thanks