SmartThings/Alexa issues!

Saturday I reset my router. I used the same SSID but changed the password. Ever since then I can’ t add anything that’s in SmartThings to the Amazon Alexa app (to use voice commands) and I can’t add my Philips hue bulbs to SmartThings. I updated the password for all my connected devices. I’m not sure what the problem is. The SmartThings classic app shows “Something’s wrong, we can’t load your screen right now” on the “things” tab and there’s a retry button just below, but clicking it doesn’t do anything. If I go under “rooms” tab in the app. All the sylvania lights I have are still in the app. The Philips Hue that were there are no longer. Amazon Alexa will not find any of the Sylvania bulbs or other times that are in the SmartThings classic app or the new SmartThings app. I have no idea what’s going on or how to fix it. If this helps my Wi-Fi router is an ASUS RT-AC88U. I think that’s covered everything. I’d appreciate any help.

v2 hub? tried rebooting it by removing power cord and batteries (if v2)? you can still control the sylvania bulbs on the ST app? led light on the hub is green?

It is V2 and I have rebooted & pulled the batteries. Yes, the sylvania bulbs work in the SmartThings apps (both classic & the new one). Led light is green.


turn off device health

have you reset the hue bridge? are you able to connect and control lights using the hue app?

Did that and it Still shows the ‘something went wrong we can load your screen right now’.

I did reset the hue bridge. I can use the hue app to control my hue bulbs. I can also use the Alexa app to control them as well. SmartThings has the issues.

are you able to access the geolocation in the app?

Yes! I can access the geo location.

I’ve tried deleting the amazon smart app from smartthings classic app and unlinking accounts then re-linking. I’ve forgotten all devices and attempted to re-add but it won’t find the devices listed in smart things. Alexa only finds the the Hue bulbs attached to my Hue bridge. ‘Smart’ homes are frustrating.