Community list of full RGB lighting?

I can’t seem to find a recent list of connected lighting products - does that exist anywhere in the community here (as opposed to the official ST site, which for lighting has a pretty short list that’s basically Sylvania + Philips).

I’ve had problems with controlling my Sylvania Flex - the behavior is far from optimal. Unfortunately the US subsidiary basically threw up their hands and said, “email the guys in Germany,” which I did a few times and haven’t heard a peep in about a week, so I’m losing hope.

It would be neat to see a Google Sheet (or similar) with supported lighting, maybe with features as yes/no columns: on/off only, dimmable, whitecolor control, full RGB, etc.

I wish. :wink:

There’s a list started in the community – created wiki, but it hasn’t been populated for RGBW lights yet. So feel free to add to it.

haha… yeah, so there are literally 4 devices noted in the entire wiki (I mean all categories of Things)… zero lights.

I personally think Wiki is the wrong tech for this kind of info. We want sortable (pivotable) tables, not flat lists (again, my opinion). thoughts?

There are other bulbs on that official list as well towards the end… Cree, Belkin WeMo, LIFX, and Sengled Element Touch are all on there.

You could always use this and check the categories for Light Bulbs:

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I’ve never seen that databased before - it is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!!

Doublecheck everything you see at that site before actually buying anything. It has some weird algorithm, I’m not sure how it decides what compatible or not.

For example, it says that the smartthings hub is compatible with the wink hub and with the Lutron smartbridge.

All 3 have IFTTT channels, but that’s definitely not the same thing as full compatibility.

There will be some indirect compatibility with anything that has an IFTTT channel, but there may be some additional lag and there may be a very limited features that that is exposed to the channel.

So it’s OK as a starting place, but you need to dig deep from there.

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yup, makes sense.

Luckily, for most of those items, it does show the integration is IFTTT under the “How To” column.

Although it also says that’s how SmartThings communicates with Logitech Harmony. While you obviously could communicate through IFTTT alone, there is a cloud connection for that product.

For smaller individual components like sensors, switches, and bulbs, the list is much more accurate (although never guaranteed to be 100% correct).

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