Merkury SmartControl+

I picked up some of these pretty cheap. They work with Alexa (supposedly). Anyone had any luck getting them to work with Smartthings?

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Has there been any update on this. I made the mistake and got some of these bulbs myself. I already got tp-link lights working thanks to you guys.

Yes I got them working! Thanks to this --> [Release] Virtual Alexa Switch/Button

Clip from my reply to the other post:
“As of this post Alexa can only uses sensors as triggers (no support for switches) This thing, in the link, makes it a sensor and a switch at the same time, so it shows up as a sensor in alexa routines and shows as a switch in smartthings). I know this will be helpful for someone like me trying to save some money on color led bulbs. I bought some Merkury $12 LED Color changing bulbs from Walmart (That are awesome btw)”

  • Tip: After you make the Device Manager (in Smartthings back-end) and you are making your switch (aka smartthings device) Make sure you select the Type “Simulated Alexa Switch”. Then refresh and have alexa discover devices. You will see it as a switch in Smartthings and as a contact sensor in Alexa (this switch can now be a trigger)


  • I manually flip on the main livingroom light switch (a regular Z wave switch),

  • It sends the signal to Smartthings that the switch has been turned on,

  • I use the Smartthings SmartApp "SMART LIGHTING " with a custom rule to turn on (or off) “Simulated Alexa Switch” whenever the main living room light switch is toggled.

  • Then ALexa sees this “Simulated Alexa Switch” as a contact sensor (Open = On / Closed = Off)
    Then I just build a good alexa routine

  • Yes I did need the Gennie app for the wifi bulbs to set things up in there as well.

This should be enough to get started if you have a little Smartthings back-end experience. So if you can make a device handler (bu copy paste form gethum then this is a task you should be able to do no problem .

Final tip: If it is not working after your done, you may need to disable Smartthings in your Alexa App and then re enable it.

Hey Nate,

I too am looking into getting my Geeni bulbs into Smarthings and Alexa.

I looked over what you posted here, and I am just a little confused as to where/how you are connecting the bulb in Smarthings.

I understand the creating a virtual switch; but how are you then tieing the Merkury bulbs into the switch?

Mainly, I am trying to get these bulbs, so that I can utilize them in Webcore…

Did you or anyone else figure this out yet? The Alexa integration is there now but not sure how to get these into SmartThings. Have the bulbs, switches and plugs and wanting to get them into ActionTiles

So I am actually using IFTTT in combination with the SmartLife (Tuvya) service to accomplish this. I created a simulated switch via the Smartthings API web interface and then using the mobile SmartLife app I created the automation tasks to switch the light bulbs on and off with “one tap”. After that I was able to stitch the two halves together using IFTTT.

What I have not figured out quite yet is how to get the color and brightness to change easily. I am working on that.

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Costco last year had a 2 PK FOR 14.99

Dimmed to 1% they use 1 watt 100% use 9 watts
I use 9 bulbs in kitchen at 1% is like four 60watt incandescent !!