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Merkury SmartControl+

(Todd Whitehead) #1

I picked up some of these pretty cheap. They work with Alexa (supposedly). Anyone had any luck getting them to work with Smartthings?

(David) #2

Has there been any update on this. I made the mistake and got some of these bulbs myself. I already got tp-link lights working thanks to you guys.

(Nate Hales) #3

Yes I got them working! Thanks to this --> [Release] Virtual Alexa Switch/Button

Clip from my reply to the other post:
“As of this post Alexa can only uses sensors as triggers (no support for switches) This thing, in the link, makes it a sensor and a switch at the same time, so it shows up as a sensor in alexa routines and shows as a switch in smartthings). I know this will be helpful for someone like me trying to save some money on color led bulbs. I bought some Merkury $12 LED Color changing bulbs from Walmart (That are awesome btw)”

  • Tip: After you make the Device Manager (in Smartthings back-end) and you are making your switch (aka smartthings device) Make sure you select the Type “Simulated Alexa Switch”. Then refresh and have alexa discover devices. You will see it as a switch in Smartthings and as a contact sensor in Alexa (this switch can now be a trigger)


  • I manually flip on the main livingroom light switch (a regular Z wave switch),

  • It sends the signal to Smartthings that the switch has been turned on,

  • I use the Smartthings SmartApp "SMART LIGHTING " with a custom rule to turn on (or off) “Simulated Alexa Switch” whenever the main living room light switch is toggled.

  • Then ALexa sees this “Simulated Alexa Switch” as a contact sensor (Open = On / Closed = Off)
    Then I just build a good alexa routine

  • Yes I did need the Gennie app for the wifi bulbs to set things up in there as well.

This should be enough to get started if you have a little Smartthings back-end experience. So if you can make a device handler (bu copy paste form gethum then this is a task you should be able to do no problem .

Final tip: If it is not working after your done, you may need to disable Smartthings in your Alexa App and then re enable it.

(Phil Panfili) #4

Hey Nate,

I too am looking into getting my Geeni bulbs into Smarthings and Alexa.

I looked over what you posted here, and I am just a little confused as to where/how you are connecting the bulb in Smarthings.

I understand the creating a virtual switch; but how are you then tieing the Merkury bulbs into the switch?

Mainly, I am trying to get these bulbs, so that I can utilize them in Webcore…