Control SmartThings Hub commands via Mac OS X?

Hello, All.

Is there any way for me to control things through my ST Hub from my Mac (OS X), just like my iPhone App is able to do?

I’m pretty new here, so please have mercy on me if this question has been answered. (I did search and found nothing).

If you’re looking to be able to see device status and turn things on/off, there’s If you’re looking to do configuration work, no. You’ll need to use the mobile app for that.

If you’re a fan of the keyboard, there’s also the Alfred workflow:


Another option (assuming you can get a SmartThings APK file from someone with an Android) is to use BlueStacks for Mac. This sets up a virtual Android device on your computer and then you can install the APK (Android application package file).


Ummm… My BlueStacks installation is fully compatible with the Android Play Store and so I was able to install and update SmartThings directly (without an APK).

An APK is only required for devices that don’t have the Play Store (like Amazon Fire Phone, or Chrome, …).


I don’t even think I looked for that when I set mine up. I just packaged up my app and sent it to Dropbox (good to have it there in case I decide to add it to Chrome later anyway), but that is good to know!

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I use this: