App to issue commands to computers

Posting it here since this is for device ideas…

It would be great if ST (or someone in the community) created apps for Mac and PC that would allow the computers to execute commands based on the trigger. On the Mac, associating AppleScript and Automator apps with the tool would work. On the PC, probably different command line actions (to launch batch scripts, etc). Allow for multiple commands to be executed or give the ability to pass a variable form the hub to the computer.

Example (and the one I’ve been trying to figure out) - allow ST to send a command to a computer to initiate iTunes (or another app) to play music over AirPlay speakers. In this case, an advanced option would be to pass a phrase to allow text-to-speech appellations, mimicking options for Sonos. I have airplay speakers in 3 rooms - total cost less than $400. For Sonos, the minimum cost would be $600 or more. So, in this example, we really need a less expensive alternative to Sonos.

On the Mac, HomeKit may offer some of this functionality…I’m just not sure.

I can see all sorts of other options for this app. Recently, someone asked for the ability to shutdown a computer via ST. That could easily be done. If Wake-On-LAN was part of the hub, it could also wake the computer up later. Good for saving power.

I wrote what I call an http bridge some time ago. It is essentially a simple http server that receives an http request with a single parameter. If that param is found in its database, it runs an associated shell script, applescript, Automator workflow, or python script.

Sending an http request like this from a SmartApp is just a few lines of code. My app is not ready for prime time yet as the interface is rough, and a number of settings the average user would need to set it up are currently hard coded.

I am working to clean this up and redefine the database schema so it can be used by anyone. I currently use it to control insteon devices, IR and IP controlled A/V gear, and a number of security oriented scripts via events from SmartThings, Tasker, and iRule.

Nice. This sounds very exciting…

May not be exactly what you are looking for but there is an Alfred/SmartThings integration. I would imagine you could also do things with Automator.

cc: @steve_vlaminck

Isn’t that for computer to ST, though? In this case, we are looking for ST to computer.

Correct. Alfred is for computer to ST. Hoping someone else jumps in with ST to computer ideas.

I have not figured out an easy way for ST to computer for Mac, but I have for Windows through EventGhost and the webserver plugin.

If there was a similar way to setup a webserver on a Mac and then automator could recognize the httpget requests we would be set, I just don’t have the expertise to tackle this. Hoping the Eventghost route will spark an idea for a more knowledgeable ST community member :smile:

Like I said above… I am working on it. Been using it for a year now and I just need to clean thinks up (remove the hard coded stuff and allow user defined prefs).

@scottinpollock oops, didn’t read all the above posts before responding, that sounds awesome!

Do you need the Afred Powerpack or will the workflows work with the free version?

Made a lot of progress today; guessing all core functionality will be done within a week. For those interested, please visit my G+ community for ongoing discussion.

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@scottinpollock This is very exciting. Just joined the community. I’m ready to build my poor-man’s Sonos and add text-to-speech to AirPlay!

I am sending messages back and forth between my Android devices and computers via Autoremote (Android) and Eventghost ( PC, Autoremote plugin for eventghost). For example when disk space changes I send the new value to my Android and dispaly it in a zooper widget. Autoremote plugs in with Tasker on Android.
It is not impossible that Joao Dias the developer of Autoremote and other Tasker Plugins could look at this.

Likewise I’ve long been using a Gmail account that I have configured in K9 mail. Tasker can natively process incoming email that goes to K9. I have both a personal phone and a work phone, and both an LG G Pad and an Asus Infinity. Until now all I’ve used this system for is a way of issuing commands and getting status updates between the four devices. If you add in some apps with native Tasker support like Servers Ultimate Pro, you can start/stop/restart all kinds of servers and even a few client type things (DDNS updater). So now I’m experimenting with parsing out email alerts sent by ST. I haven’t quite come up with any grand ideas yet, at least any of my own. I saw elsewhere here that someone has their Sonos play audio of a large dog barking when motion is sensed at the front door. This is certainly something that could be easily achieved through an Android device.

HAM (Home Automation Macintosh) Bridge just went beta today. You can check it out in My G+ community.

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If anyone is looking for a simple plug-and-play solution for interacting with iTunes just like Sonos, I’ve got an app, available now on the Mac App Store - Unfortunately, the SmartThings part that goes with it has still not been approved (it seems like this is going to take a long time) so you’ll need to be comfortable with grabbing the code for the SmartApp and DeviceType to install through the developer tools.