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If you’re not familiar with Alfred, I highly recommend checking it out. It has greatly improved my productivity, and looks WAY better than spotlight. Alfred V2 was recently released, and with it came workflows. I’m not going to dig deep into what you can and can’t do with Alfred workflows, instead I’m going to show you what I’ve been doing with workflows.

More coming soon…


Open Source!

We at SmartThings have officially open-sourced the Alfred Workflow.

If you’re a developer feel free to clone our Github repo:

If you’re just looking to install the workflow, you can download it here.

And here’s a video showing how to install and use it: (you can also read the README on our github page)



Adding support for locks

You may have noticed when giving Alfred permissions to your SmartThings that you could select locks. If you have any locks you may have also noticed that you couldn’t see them in Alfred. That’s because our Alfred workflow was only looking for switches. So late last night, I added support for locks. It was a relatively small change, but it had a large impact on performance.

Adding device caching

Up until now we’ve been requesting devices on the fly. That’s why you’ll notice a slight lag whenever entering commands into the workflow. We had talked about adding a device cache a long time ago, and even later last night, I finally did it. The result is pretty amazing. The workflow is super responsive now. The down-side to device caching is having to maintain a cache. Due to time constraints (and lack of sleep), I didn’t do anything to auto-update the cache. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to do it manually. This needs to be done every time you login, add/remove a device, rename a device, etc. To update your device cache simply enter st_update like this:


You will need to login again after you reinstall the workflow by entering st_login. Then you’ll need to update your device cache by entering st_update. You can download the updated workflow from the github downloads page, and you can read more info about how to use and extend the workflow in the README. If you want to contribute, here’s the github page. We’d love to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

Thank You

Thanks to Brian Schmitt for giving me a reason to work on this again. I love this project and don’t make time to work on it often enough. If you have any issues or find any bugs feel free to fix them, or comment here and I’ll see what I can do about it late at night ;).



I realise that I’m reviving a very old thread, but I’m having some problems with the Alfred Workflow.

I’m a very heavy Alfred user, and I installed the workflow, did an st_login and authorised the app in the API portal and ticked which devices it could control.

The Alfred Workflow smart app is installed and looks OK on my phone (it’s showing the devices that I ticked)

I then did an st_update from Alfred and in Notification Centre I can see that it stopped the embedded web server, but I’ve not got any notifications to say it has restarted it, and when I type ST followed by a space in Alfred I do not get a list of my devices.

I’m running OSX 10.11.2 and Alfred v 2.8.1 (425)

Anyone got any suggestions?

Many thanks!


I’m having the same issue as TallNHairyDave. Running OS 10.10.5. and Alfred v2.8.2 (432).

Has anyone found a fix for it?