Control Panel?

I’m trying to find a control panel that has everything in 1 window… which looks neat and stylish.
preferably working with smartthings, it will show modes as well as options to change from armed to unarmed…
Also fast access (like a scroll bar) for temperature, lights, curtains, music, etc…
Even if there isn’t an actual control panel, maybe if there is an APP that does this so I can convert my old samsung tablet into a control panel…

The current interface of smartthings is… Horrible. The only widget it offers are the modes, and the way it show it is also very lacking…

I’m looking for a very modern looking monitor panel that I can hang just next to my home door so I have access when I leave and when I come back, as well as might have multiple ones in certain areas…

Check out


Looks good at the first sight, but I noticed couple of problems,

  • Can’t control a light group.
  • Can’t really adjust tile sizes individually (even though i’ve seen screenshots but couldn’t find the option)
  • Can’t change tile location as well as can’t have a custom tile option~
  • It looks very… plain
  • weirdly changing the routine to (good night) didn’t activate my harmony activity to turn off tv but this might be from my side

Are there any other options? even if it was a paid solution~ This one will work for now but i’m really looking for something fancy.

All these things can be done with a little coding no problem at all

And lighting groups can be linked to virtual switches . . .

In simple SmartTiles or the SmartThings app are the only two options :slight_smile:

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I’m hurt. :crying_cat_face: … nah… just kidding :wink: SmartTiles was designed to be a simple “flat” interface; following a bit in the footsteps of Metro and other trends. Even Google’s “material design” is relatively plain, ya know.

Oh – I’m Terry; co-conspirator with @625alex the developer of SmartTiles. Pleased to meet you!

No other major 3rd party control panel solution exists (we use the term “dashboard”). SmartTiles is the most popular Community Developed SmartApp (across any category, actually… though we recommend SmartRules for easier automation, and SharpTools for Android widgets and integration with Tasker, and a few other excellent choices out there…).

SmartTiles is working on our “V6” … a major overhaul of the back-end first (for performance and security improvement and easier configuration), but that new foundation will make us much more responsive to suggestions variations on the “look and feel”. We don’t have a Kickstarter or IndieGogo, but appreciate encouragement donations. Yup… we’re on a path to being a “fancy paid solution”; where both “fancy” and “paid” are subject to definition.

For your specific questions, please check out our current user support guidelines: SmartTiles Dashboard v5.5: Added UK 🇬🇧, 5 × Dashboards, and more! Nov 6, 2015

We welcome your feedback!