Native Control Panel for Smartthings? iPad/Android/Mac?

Hi people,

I have a very simple question.

How do you guys control the smartthings in your home?

Do you have a Control Panel? Do you use Smarttiles in it or do we have some native (quicker) solution from SmartThings?

Do you have Control Panel on a Tablet or Mac? If Tablet, do you have a native app or a web app? Is it iPad or an Android?

Many Thanks

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In the forums, we usually call those a “dashboard.” There are a couple of different smartapps that can do it, but smarttiles is definitely the most popular.

There’s even a forum thread just for discussion of what hardware and customization people have done with SmartTiles. Lots of pictures and interesting ideas there:

If you check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki under the project report section you can also see some of the other dashboard options that people are using.


Hi Random,

ActionTiles out soon has “quicker” dashboards… But still runs in browser so some limitations.

What would you like to see quicker?

Basically, when I said quicker, the only thing quicker that I hope to see is the response time.

i.e. if I turn off the kitchen light through Alexa, I hope my dashboard shows me immediately and not many seconds after, similarly, if I turn off light from my dashboard, it should happen without any lag.

I hope ActionTiles is able to do that and I won’t mind paying for it.

Two distinct functions here;

  1. Displaying the updated status / Event of a sensor or switch: Huge improvement in ActionTiles: It is virtually instantaneous (300ms to 1200ms) unless there are problems in the SmartThings Cloud.

  2. Sending Commands from a Tile… This should already be quite quick in SmartTiles; isn’t it?

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