Control outdoor plugs? (UK)

I’m in the process of wiring up an outdoor socket to power my water fountain and pond lights, however I’m wondering if there is anything out there that I can use inside an outdoor socket, like a relay or something than can control the power to the socket?

I could do with having both manual and automatic access to it

You’re in the UK, IIRC? ( Best to either specify that, or post in the UK section of the forum for future, as the available devices are quite different.)

How cold do your winters get?

Yep, UK so not particularly cold. Very rarely gets below minus 5!

Right, but a lot of products, such as the Fibaro relay, are only rated down to 0.

Reitz makes an outdoor zwave power receptacle, but I’m not sure who carries it.

Edited to update: found it! (Reitz is the parent company of Popp)

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Hmm, will they work for 31A? I thought they were just for lighting circuits?

Wonder what happens if it goes below 0. If it doesn’t work then thats fine as I wouldn’t want the pond running when it’s iced over anyway, however if it break the relay, then obviously thats no good.

You have to find one rated for the power requirements. To be honest I don’t know if the Fibaro are only for lighting or not. Aeotec has four or five different models and some are rated for much higher loads.

But again check the operating specs. If your weather is outside the range, check with the manufacturer to see what happens if it freezes. :snowflake:️:snowman_with_snow:

Yeah that’s what I’m finding. A lot of them seem to be rated at a maximum of 10A.

The only problem I can see though, is that if the relay sits before the socket. When they’re powered off, the sockets will be off with no way to override them?

I’m also trying to find a solution for my outside lights. I’ve got a light switch inside, that goes to a plug socket however I can’t fit a relay behind the switch so it would have to go outside by the socket, however for this i need to be able to control it from both the switch and ST

Sorry, I’m tired now. Someone else will have to carry on the conversation.

@John_Crighton or @Fuzzyligic might have some ideas.

The way I would deal with this, would be to have an outdoor socket with an indoor switch. I’d probably go for a Fibaro modular relay as I know they work well.

This would solve any temperature issues, and give you the option of a switch on the wall.

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I think the Fibaro Relays are only rated up to a max of 10A. The one JD linked above is rate to 40A, however at £80 I’ll just stick an outdoor switch in the circuit :joy:

There’s no fun in that, if it can be automated then it must be!

31A @ 230v seems very high, that’s even higher than your ring main. Are you sure you need that high a draw?

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Omg :joy:

I’m being a complete moron. I mean a maximum of 13A not 31A. Twin sockets are rated at 13A.
Sorry, I was tired last night and must have continued the trend today :laughing:

Pond pump says it needs a 3 or 5a fuse, and I imagine a pond light will be similar which means a 10A rated relay should be fine…

Whew, I did wonder!

You should be fine with most of them then. The Fibaro is rated at 2.5kW and is intended for appliances. Their dimmer 2 module is rated at 250W, and is meant for lighting.

Edited to add - you could go for my former suggestion, with a momentary switch (press to switch on, press to switch off) on the wall. This would mean the relay is controllable both locally and with smarts at all times.


Thanks John.

I do need a switch in line as I was to be able to have control from both. I also note that they say I need to put a fused spur in there too!

Would a momentary switch also be called a push to break switch?

I’m having difficulty finding one I can use outside

Almost - I believe you’re looking for a ‘push to make’ rather than break.

If you really want an outside switch, then there are many varieties of weatherproof industrial momentary switches around. ‘Weatherproof push button’ gets loads of Google hits.

If it were me, I’d have it indoors I think. Your choice though.

Edit to add - if doing it this way, you could quite easily have one inside and one outside if you desired.

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Ah good thing I checked!

I’ve got a switch inside for the lighting (however its a standard switch as momentary ones aren’t in this style). We didn’t think we were going to have a water feature until the renovations inside were done, hence putting it outside :wink:

Hi, what did you do in the end with this? We are planning a redevelopment of our garden and would like to add some sort of smart sockets for outside for lighting and possibly a water feature that work on routines.
We are also based in the UK.

I wired up an internal switch to go to an external junction box where I fitted a Fibaro Relay that powers a LED Driver to control the lights.

I also took a spur from the external socket into another junction box, connected another Fibaro Relay to that and added in an external momentary switch.

The water fountain is now controlled by either SmartThings or a push of the momentary switch.
The lights however are a bit different. Since I couldn’t fit the Fibaro behind the switch itself, I had to put it inline which means it only works when internal switch is turned on.