Control Devices via Keyboard Shortcuts

OK folks, I came here thinking this would be an easy one, but I’m not finding much…

I’d simply like to do some basic SmartThings control via my Mac, preferably via keyboard shortcuts.

Here are a few use cases…

  1. I’d like to dim/brighten my office light just like I dim/brighten my screen settings.

  2. I’d like to set a mode via shortcut. For example, fire the Good Night action before I go to bed via a simple keyboard click.

I can’t believe I’m the first to want this functionality, and I really just thought I’d head to this forum to find what everyone is using to make this happen, but I’m finding nothing. What am I missing? Is this possible? Ideas please…

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I understand that @scottinpollock put together a solution called HAM Bridge (Home Automation for Macintosh), but I’m not really familiar with the details of it. Maybe he some input on this thread?

I think you could use the SmartThings Alfred Workflow to control SmartThings from Alfred.

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Actually, HAM Bridge was designed to do the opposite; control your Mac from SmartThings.

I’d like to do the same thing with a Windows computer. Any suggestions? I was thinking about using a Flic bluetooth button, but would prefer to be able to use a keyboard shortcut.