Anyone know how to connect a SmartThings hub to Indigo?

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HA noob here, so pardon this question if it’s old-hat and obvious. Got a ST hub today, and while I only have one device connected to it right now, I’ll definitely be expanding that. I’d love to have an app I could run from my Mac, and I like the looks of Indigo, but can’t figure out how to get the ST hub and Indigo to connect. Has anyone done it?

Big thanks in advance, folks!


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Sorry no Mac here to try that with, but I know several people who I could direct to ST if this could be done (SMILE)

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I wrote an app (HAM Bridge) for specifically this purpose. A SmartApp (or any app capable of sending an HTTP GET) triggers HAM Bridge to execute a script on your Mac. Supported scripts are AppleScript, Automator workflows, Python, and Shell scripts.

Indigo is easily controlled via AppleScript with something like:
tell application "Indigo"
turn on "Kitchen Lights"
end tell

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Big thanks, I’ll definitely check out HAM Bridge.


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Scott, I’m just now getting around to taking a look at HAM Bridge. Before I buy it, I want to be sure it will do what I need. In your description above, you talk about using a SmartApp to work via HAM Bridge to execute a script on my Mac.

I think what I want to do is actually the reverse of that. I want to be able to use Indigo on my Mac to control the devices in my ST ecosystem. Will HAM Bridge enable that?

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So I am an Indigo and Smart things user. One of the benefits of ST is is location detection. It does a great job of detecting when I am about 1-2 miles from home and doing tasks. Indigo lacks that. Is it possible to get a location trigger in ST to do things in indigo with Hambridge

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I’m pretty sure the answer is yes, although I can’t tell you how to do it. I bought HAMbridge but have never gotten around to learning how to use it. I shall follow responses to your question with great interest. :smile:


Yea, I am excited to try it. It says it has a 25 day money back guarantee. I really like Indigo and I really like ST. I think a perfect product would be the two products combined. I use Indigo primary for its easy integration with my DSC alarm system. It makes every DSC motion sensor a trigger for the zwave switches and such. I will have to purchase it and see what I can get to work.


have you seen this. In reading more, it looks like you can’t control ST devices with your mac…except with this

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Interesting. I have Alfred and use it every day. Definitely wanna look into this.

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You can control most anything in Indigo with an AppleScript. These are very simple scripts and look like:

tell application "Indigo"
  turn off "Driveway"
  execute group "ImHome"
end tell

For a full list of all of the commands available see the AppleScript section of Indigo’s Help.

Now for SmartThings to trigger such a script via HAM Bridge, the SmartApp must send an HTTP GET to your Mac. Details for that can be found HERE. Then it is simply a matter of creating a new command in HAM Bridge, and entering the AppleScript you want it to execute.

BTW, you can control SmartThings from a Mac, using HAM Bridge, or any app capable of making an HTTP request (browser, terminal, AppleScript, etc.). All you need to do is create an endpoint for the SmartThings you want to control.