Any way to control devices from Windows 10 keyboard hotkeys?

Is there a Windows 10 app that will let me link device ON/OFF commands keyboard via hotkeys? Or maybe via shortcut icons on the Windows desktop or taskbar?

If there’s a native Windows command-line tool to control these devices, I could still do what I want.

I would appreciate any helpful suggestions!

Look into EventGhost. You can link actions from the PC to SmartThings and visa-versa.

Look at steps 6-9 of the tutorial below to accomplish what you need:

Thanks for the reply. I think you might have misunderstood me. I already use EventGhost to turn ON my PC via WOL, Start Kodi, Pause/Unpause Kodi, and a bunch of other PC-related tasks.

I’m not sure what application to use to map hotkeys on my keyboard to control SmartThings connected devices such as turning ON/OFF my lights.

I searched and search on Google, but couldn’t find anything that could do this.

I understood…

You are now having ST send messages “to” EventGhost.

Steps 6-9 details how to send messages “to” SmartThings from your PC. It uses a python script that sends an event “from” EG which can be tied to a Virtual Device in ST.

When you press whatever key on the PC, that event is registered. Use that registered event to send to ST.

The example I used is when I move my mouse which turns on a Virtual Switch. When the mouse is inactive, it turns off the VS. The “event” is listed below as “Cloud Interface”.

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It looks like I’m the one that doesn’ t understand. :slight_smile: I tried to looking at the instructions Here however, got completely lost. All I want to do is press hotkeys on my keyboard (for example “Ctrl+Alt+L”)… and have EventGhost toggle ON/OFF a Smarthings light. That’s what I ultimately want to do.

If you wouldn’t mind please posting the exact steps necessary to have EventGhost listen for a “Ctrl+Alt+L” keypress… then, EventGhost responding by sending a respective command to the SmartThings controller to toggle ON/OFF “Light1”, for example. If you could please make the steps as dummy proof as possible, I’d really appreciate it.

BTW: I use EventGhost for a completely different purpose currently, my EventGhost listens for web POST commands (using EventGhost’s webserver) …then sends IR signals to my IR-devices like my portable AC. Those web POST commands are trigged by IFTTT’s Cortana service… such as, “Set Temperature to 70 degrees” or “turn on my PC” or “Shutdown PC”.

Anyway, thank you for being so patient with me.

In EventGhost, add the following plugin by clicking the Add Plugin Icon->Input Devices->Keyboard:
Keyboard Plugin

Now when you press (Ctrl+Alt+L) you will see it on the left window of EventGhost:

Now follow steps 6-9 in the tutorial I listed above with screenshots in the second post. You will need to to tie that key press event to a python script. You will also need to get the end points of the VS which can be easily done using the Cloud Interface App. The information is there, you just need steps 6-9. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

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