[OBSOLETE] X10 Control with Smarthings

I think in theory there is a way to control X10 devices with smartthings. I have X10 commander and the CM11A control module. X10 commander has a web service that runs on apache and can translate commands to the USB CM control module.
Given this information and the ability to control virtual devices in smartthings, wouldn’t it be possible to create a virtual switch and have it send an http string when clicked and that in turn will send the actual command to X10 commander which gets processed through to the X10 appliance?
I was wondering if anyone has done something like this or if there is an example on some part of this process that I could use to expand on it.


Yes, it’s possible. I have a working prototype using CM19A X10 transceiver - http://www.amazon.com/X10-R-F-PC-Transceiver-CM19A/dp/B0027RMIAO

My main goal is to integrate ActiveEye motion sensors (http://www.amazon.com/X10-MS16A-Active-Eye-Motion-Sensor/dp/B000NJBRNW/) with ST, although sending commands back home from a virtual switch would not hurt either. :smile:

Would you mind sharing any code you may have to this point so that I can start the integration process?


I would appreciate seeing the code as well. Thanks!

I have X10 working through SmartThings. I can control on/off on any x10 device from my smartthings virtual switch. It routes the command through a local apache (php) server which then uses a shell command to run the command on my windows machine. I am still working on dimming capabilities.

Now, like others, I would like to go the other direction. I would like for my X10 Eagle Eye motion sensor to send a command through the apache server (php) using an HTTP POST to either smartthings or even route through IFTTT to smartthings. My goal would be that the Eagle Eye from X10 can trigger a smartswitch. Anyone have any thoughts on where to start?

For those that have a Mac talking to their x10 stuff, HAM Bridge will allow a GET request sent from STs to execute just about any command on your Mac. You can also send commands from the Mac to ST via an oAuth’d endpoint (but I am working on the ability to do this locally).

I’ve been working on this all weekend. I’m using a CM11A, Netduino, RS232 shield and Smartshield. The great thing about this stack is that it’s all self-contained… there is no need for a web server or any such. Just plug the duino into power, connect the Cm11a to an outlet, and you’re good to go. Where I’m at right now is that I can talk to the SmartThings cloud, and I can send and receive x10 codes from the CM11A. Now it’s a matter of connecting the two together in a reusable way. If I can make that happen, this would be a very repeatable solution for those willing to put together the Duino hardware stack.

One area I’m struggling with at this point because I’ve been so busy with the hardware is how to have one Smartshield communicating to my custom X10 device type I created in SmartThings, and have it be used to represent all my x10 devices. Actually, my thought has been that I might just send the raw device code (A1, B2, etc.) and function (on, off, etc.) and let events be written to these strings. I don’t even know if this is possible, because I haven’t started looking into it, but it would be a generic solution if so. It would mean you’d have to know device codes, but hey, maybe that’s enough?

Anyone have ideas and thoughts?

Fyi, I have bidirectional x10 working without any external web services or PCs. Here’s a post about it.

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IS anyone in here still using x10 Commander???