Control 4 ldz-101

I have a pile of old control 4 ldx-101 zigbee based dimmers. Has anyone had any luck connecting these to a ST hub? Im not having any luck in the pairing process and wondering if its just too old and no longer compatible?

sorry, ldz-101, not ldx

They probably won’t work: wrong zigbee profile. SmartThings is Zigbee HA 1.2 (not zigbee HA Pro, although ST does support some pro features.) the LDZ 101 is really old, not even an HA profile apparently:

i was afraid of that, oh well. thx for response…

They will work if they were upgraded to ZigBee pro via composer 1.8+. With my devicetype. Basic functions only.

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I have Composer 2.x - how can I check if they have Zigbee Pro? If they do how would I go about connecting them to ST? And what functionality would they have/could I develop it further?