Control4 LSZ-3W1-W Dimmer

I recently purchased a house with a Control4 system, which I’m intent on removing. I’d like to keep the switches if possible. Is there any SmartThings support for these LSZ-3W1-W (Zigbee?) switches? Searches related to this have not turned up anything specific enough to get things up and running.

Tagging @pstuart. He knows the most about control4 integration.

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still top result when you search “control4”

I don’t offer support for it but it still works for my dimmers.

Will only do basic pairing and control dimming.

The switches and dimmers must be running zigbee pro, not embernet.

The 3W1 are 3 button keypads, meaning they don’t control the load, and my driver probably can support it, but would need to be modified to see the different button presses. I don’t have 3 button keypads.

Best thing to do is, see if it pairs up with ST, watch the logs in the IDE.

Switch to my device type which should have enough debugging to look for the control4 messages.

Press each button on the keypad and see if the logs show anything.

Upload logs, I might be able to make some easy modifications to get all the buttons to work.