Pairing a Control4 Dimmer


I have a couple control4 dimmers (c4-apd120) that I would like to get working with smartthings. I set up the device type thanks to the code from @pstuart. Now I just can’t seem to figure out how to pair them. I tried doing a factory reset (both 9-4-9 and 13-4-13) which seems to work- the LEDs go green. I then have it “identify” (4). At this point the LEDs briefly flash yellow, and very quickly go back to their normal blue state. My phone never sees them, and nothing ever shows up on the IDE log.

It seems like maybe it is re-pairing to the control4 box, but I have it disconnected. I have two dimmers, but put them both in factory reset in case they were pairing with each other

Does anyone know what might be causing them to be unable to pair with my smartthings hub?

Those appear to be the newer adaptive phase dimmers. I have not played with those to know if they are ZigBee ha 1.2 compliant or if my dimmer code will work.

You don’t see anything in the logging in the ide when you try to pair them?

Have they ever been installed into a working control4 system before?

Thanks for the reply!
I didn’t see anything at all in the ide.
They were installed in a working control4 system. The whole system is just the box and the two dimmers (it was


I have a Control4 dimmer (LDZ-102-x). It looks like it is the older model so I am hoping they will work with ST.

I have done the 13-4-13 reset on the dimmer, it flashed and now both LED’s are solid green (which I assume is the pairing state?). When trying to pair them with the ST app, I am unable to get the hub to see the dimmer.

I have created a new device type in the IDE and pasted the Control4 Zigbee HA Dimmer.groovy code that @pstuart so kindly posted.

Any suggestions?



With that model it is possible it is the older embernet version not upgraded to zigbee pro. Would need a control4 controller to do the upgrade below 2.6 version.

Honestly. Cheaper and easier to buy any dinner on the consumer market then try to get it upgraded.

Thanks Patrick.

The previous owner of the house had installed these Control4 switches and left a HC-300 controller, but I don’t have a Control4 account or access to any of the composer software.

There are 7 Control4 dimmer switches in total, 6 of which are the LDZ-102-x model. It looks like 4 of them were updated to zigabee pro and I was able to pair and control them with my ST 2.0 hub. The other two I’ll have to figure out how to update (or just replace them with a supported GE variant).

The last dimmer switch I have is a three way (LSZ-3W1-x). I was able to pair it with the ST hub, but it shows up as an unrecognized device and is not controllable, as I’m guessing the device handler you wrote only applies to the LDZ variant. Any chance you came across the 3-way switch before?



Like I said. I don’t have one but if you re-read what I posted I gave you instructions on how to help.

Has anyone been able to get the c4-apd120 to pair yet? I’m wondering if there might be a driver upgrade or something that might make it compatible.

I don’t have one yet, but I’ve been told all zigbee Control4 devices conform to basic ZHA profile, so it should pair, probably as a “thing” and you should then be able to assign it either a generic zigbee dimmer, or my custom DTH and it should work.

If you have logging open and capture the join when / if it does pair, that could help figure out a new DTH if needed.

Getting it to pair is the difficulty. I’ve reset the device with the 13-4-13 tap and both lights are green, and then click “Add Thing” under “things”, but it just isn’t detecting anything. I’ll keep playing with it to see if it’s just being stubborn. I know my GE light switches are extremely stubborn when it comes to pairing and showing up when scanning.