Control 3 Button Controller Overhead Door

Hello. Anyone have a suggestion on how to control open and close for commercial style overhead door? 3 button style wired controller type system.

Appropriate Linear Pro controller that will work with your door.

Added with SmartThings compatible door opener from GoControl/linear

I think that would work.

Thanks for the links. I don’t see a solution there. The Z-Wave controller is only 1 channel. There are Linear controllers that are 3 channel, but they trigger by their own wireless controller. Unless I’m missing something?

The MVP device allows wirelesd remote control of a commercial door, similar to a residential door. The GoControl connects to SmartThings. You will learn the mvp door code to the GoControl unit and then be able to control from SmartThings.

I have installed the MVP system to my commercial door at work and was able to program my homelink rearview mirror buttons in my car to it easily. I think this would work but couldn’t say 100% for certain as I haven’t used the GoControl device, but I am 99% certain it supports homelink so should be able to learn the MVP codes.

Ah looking as the specs for the GoControl it is a wird paired connection, not wireless. Sorry. A MyQ with Homelink bridge may do it with the MVP.