Considering this option to leave vivint

seems I have found a solution for leaving vivint. I have a couple questions you may be able to answer. seems only thing that is compatible from vivint is my kwikset 910 doors. if I push code on doors does it disable the alarm? and I saw in compatibility list it says no custom codes? what does that mean? can I still unlock and relock doors with app?

and is there a way to use the vivint panel to arm or disarm ?
any advise would be great. I plan on simply using it as an alarm to start and then building onto it.

also smartthings looks like the best (not just because its the only thing that works on windows phone) is it? is there a pc app? or windows 10 app in development?

If you’re looking for a security system, I’d suggest using something purpose-built.

SmartThings has tremendous promise as a platform, but its reliability just isn’t there for home security applications. That’s just an opinion, of course. YMMV. Also, the Windows Phone app doesn’t seem to be a high development priority.

I’d recommend reading some of the threads on “Smart Home Monitor” on these forums. There is also a community-developed Kwikset 910 Device Type that I believe should do what you’re looking for. (Don’t quote me on that though - I don’t trust ST with my deadbolts yet.)


What are you looking to leave Vivint?

im not a fan of there customer service at all… very rude and unprofessional. there website payment portal never works. and always pushing for auto billing. thats there solution to fixing there payment portal.

Gotcha. How about overall stability?