Considering ST to replace Insteon. What ST options are there for dimmers that don’t have a neutral?


My name is Corey and I’m a gadget geek lol… I’m currently using insteon and although it works ok I’m onto my 3rd hub and I’m not happy with the quality of the insteon stuff so its time for a change. I’m pretty tech savvy and have used homeseer in the past but lately just my hub that’s now broken lol…

Anyhow I’m thinking about switching over from insteon to smartthings…

Understand most stuff but have one question that I can’t seem to find the answer to.

Question… I have a 2 switch light that I want to control with smartthings. Problem is one switch location has no neutral. With my insteon I used a standard dimmer switch along with a battery powered switch linked to the other switch…

Is there anything in smartthings that can do this?


The Zooz brand switches from @thesmartesthouse can be installed in a 3-way setup (two switches that control one light) using the original dumb switch along with a single smart switch.

Whether they will work for your exact case is going to depend on exactly how your 3-way is wired.

Google for Zooz ZEN26 (on-off switch) or Zooz ZEN27 (dimmer) and look at the wiring diagrams in their instructions.

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Indeed there is. See the community FAQ for four or five different options. :sunglasses:

FAQ: SmartThings-Compatible Switches that Don’t Require Neutral (US, 2019)

Thanks for the response… I’ve got alot of reading up to do lol… my hub shows up on Friday with some hue lights and battery powered dimmers.

One last question though… can the smartthings hub link devices to other devices or scenes?they were called in insteon…

By that I mean can I link one compatible switch to activate another switch or several switches or smart bulbs?

I’m trying to find a manual or instructions for the hub but weirdly I can’t find one lol

Yeah, we often say that smartthings is very powerful but not very discoverable. :wink:

The short answer is yes.

“Automations” are rules, which have a trigger and a target. So if the switch A turns on, then turn on Switch B.

In a smartthings context, a “scene” is a snapshot of one or more devices at a particular moment in time. So switch A at 50%, switch B at 75%, switch C turned off. Then you can initiate that scene either through an automation or just by tapping it in the app.

The longer answer is in the following FAQ:

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings (2017) (SmartThings Classic)

Thanks for your help!



If you have any questions about the Zooz switches or would like us to take a look at your wiring, you can send us images from each box and we’ll be able to point you to the best product:

Sounds like a fun project! :slight_smile:


Ok… got my st and echo along with some hue stuff and some wifi wall plugs… excited to try this stuff out!

Getting back to my original post… I read a bunch and ended up buying this:

Eaton RFAS01DW Z-Wave Anyplace Kit (RF9575DW Decorator Switch & RF9501DW Decorator Switch), White

I’m thinking that this will work. Am I right?

Thanks again for everyone’s help :slight_smile:

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Yes, that should work fine. :sunglasses: