Need to fine Smart 2 wire light switchs


Planning to do some home. Automation
Starting by replacing light switches which are old….
This house has some 2-wire switches and some with a neutral wire. Where I really want the smart switches are ones that’s 2 wires. My front porch has a wemo switch I control with the echo dot v2.
Works fine…my play room has a GE 14294 dimmer switch (no hub yet) but works fine with lights in that room (local) after replacing all switches I want to add sensors…in some area for off and on…My Question is there a 2 wire smart switch (don’t require a neutral.) that will work with ST Hub…. Info needed….I have read some of the info using Lutron Switchs but must use there hub…? ? …somebody has to make a switch ( no neutral ) that can work with smartthing… Lutron switch cost about $79.00 …a hit…this is a hi tech world…? ? ? ? …

You don’t have a ton of options when there’s no neutral in the switch box.

Lutron caseta switches work great, but that does require lutron’s bridge.

There are some older z-wave switches that don’t require a neutral, but they’ll only work with incandescent bulbs.

You may be able to use an in-wall relay or dimmer like the ones made by aeotec or qubino if you wire them in the ceiling at the fixture box.

Aeotec’s newest in-wall devices, the nano switch/dimmer, claims to work without neutral. Your mileage may vary though.

Then there’s smart bulbs like hue and several other brands.

I think Ge 12722 may work if can do CFL…where i really need the auto, is the kitchen, where the light is always left on. and the dinning room, and bathroom., washroom plug in lamps are no problem, and my play room is no problem, in the 12722 can do CFl that may work…?? ??

Yeah that GE switch will work with CFLs, but it requires a neutral.

Okkkkk…i guess I do home work on leviton hub and what all works with it…

Lutron, not leviton.

I use it with several dimmers and fan switches since I have no neutrals in most of my switch boxes.

I think it’s great.

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Ok i see info on GE 12725 switch incandescent only bub…will that work with smarting hub…if so i may have to go that way for those rooms… wow…lol…

Yes that’ll work with ST.

Thank You Mark … I just may be on to something…I have found nice bright soft white incandescent 65w bulb by sylvania (2 would work for dinning room) 3 in the kitchen…( auhh BUT WAIT )…using my BAT Light i checked the kitchen wall plug .“could this be a white wire tucked away” the plug is appox 20in… from the wall switch…"" Stay Tuned""

Well Mark that want work… the plug acts a loop 2w in loop 2w out and the switch in-between somewhere…
back to the GE switch plan…lol…

Bummer. As you’ve apparently figured out, white doesn’t always mean neutral.

Question: does the divice RF look for the hub for its signal or the routers wifi… because the hub will be in a far part of house with walls in between, but i have a router at each end of the house… just asking so if i need to place the hub in the or near the middle of house…? ??

I found info…

If your devices are z-wave (like the GE switches you’re considering) or zigbee, then they communicate with the hub using those protocols. Those devices don’t know or care where your router is.

Generally speaking, you want your hub to be somewhat centrally located for good z-wave and zigbee functionality. But your hub also needs an Ethernet connection to your router, and that may limit your options for placement of the hub.

Since zigbee and z-wave are mesh protocols, some devices can relay signals to and from the hub. Usually devices that are mains powered do that, but only z-wave for z-wave and zigbee for zigbee.

The ST hub itself has no wifi radio. Some devices that connect directly to your router with wifi can be integrated with ST but that’s either via your LAN or the cloud, depending on the nature of the integration.

Thank You, I did fine a topic on that…The ST hub will be about 10ft from the router, place over the door thats leads in the other part of the house. and the far smart switch is appox 25 to 30 ft line of site, others are closer…I think i will be Ok…I use two wifi routers because i loose it at appox 30 or 38 ft…plus two full walls before getting to what use to be a garage, now MAN CAVE and Studio another 20ft away… the other wifi router is in the studio mounted high on wall…lol…