Connecting washing machine to two Smartthings Users?

We have a Samsung WW90T534DAW washing machine. I have it registered on my Samsung S10 smartthings as a device but my partner can’t add it to his Samsung S20 smartthings, as when he adds it, it deletes it off my smartthings.

I rung Samsung and they told me they thought only one person can have the washing machine on their smartthings… So if I’m out and my partner wants to do a washing he can’t use the app, as its on my phone!??

We’ve tried every way to add it but if it’s on one phone, it just deletes it off the other phone.

You should be able to invite him as a guest to your account, would that work for you? Or does he have other devices of his own that he controls through a smartthings app? Or do you have other devices that you don’t want him to have access to?


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Thanks I found it somehow and did it, finally, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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