Adding Wife to ST

I’m trying to find out how I add my wife to my account. I see an option to add “new member”. Is that the correct way to do things? If so, is there a way to keep her from being able to edit rules and change device configurations?

She just need to be able to turn things on / off and use her phone as a presence sensor.

Yeah just go to add member.
Have her create a Samsung account beforehand is she hasn’t already.
As far as I’m aware you can’t restrict anyone from firing automations etc but she would actually have to go into that menu to get them to fire.
So just create her a custom home page with what she would want and there would be no need for her to go there.

If you want to give someone the ability to turn a specific set of devices on and off and nothing else, most people use one of the paid third-party dashboards like action tiles or SharpTools. They are perfect for that use as the person will have no ability to get any other parts of your set up. ( The action tiles license fee is per hub, not per device, so you would also be able to use it to set up custom tablets or other phones if you wanted.)

I’m tired today, but there are multiple threads in the forum discussing these options. I believe Both have a free trial If you want to check them out.

These run in any web browser, so you can use them on most phones.



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