Connecting Samsung robotic vacuum without remote?

Is it possible to connect Samsung vacuums without the remote? I am able to get past the first part where you need to connect to the AP of the robot, but I cannot get past the part where it says to hold the recharge button on the remote since I don’t have it. I hold the home button the vacuum which looks similar and probably does the same function, it says SAVED, us then it loses connection and never finishes setup. I have the feeling that holding the button on the robot doesn’t do the same thing for the setup.

Does anyone have any idea about this? I want to set it up without having the remote.

Samsung Smart Appliances, Vacuums, and TVs

If you’re looking for help with Samsung brand appliances, vacuums, or televisions, including how they work with the “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” app, see the official support forum, which includes assistance from Samsung staff:

At the time of this writing you had to go to the landing page, and then click on the “get help“ link in the upper left. That would then take you to the page where you could select the forum for appliances or for televisions.

Can’t help with the specific question but I had to use the new app to get mine setup. You’ll already know that though I guess.

Yeah I’m using the new app. Really dumb that Samsung wouldnt allow you to connect what is a essentially a replacement remote without having the physical remote. Dumb catch 22 situation.

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Hi…I just read ur post. I am facing similar problem. I dont have remote for 9350. How to get past the AP Stage please?I have not been able to get it into AP mode

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Kind of old thread but how do you get in AP mode without the remote?

Amazon does have replacement remotes for the 9000series robots

I’m after a remote for a 7030 if anyone sees one