Connecting PEQ Camera (Icamera 1000) to SmartThings

I recently switched from PEQ to SmartThings. I was able to connect all the other sensors (door and window, motion, water, appliance and lamp module.) Has anyone been able to connect the Icamera 1000 to SmartThings, and be willing to walk me through the process? I have multiple I would like paired.

Any help would be appreciated.

Icamera 1000


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I also have the same question. Have you found anything out regarding these cameras?

There are 2 that you can use by Pstuart.


I have it working. Any question feel free to ask.

@Nightfire How did you get those to work?

I have followed the directions to live stream, but all I get is Camera Unavailable

What do you have for image path?


@Nightfire I disabled user & pass for testing.

here are 2 paths that work from any browser, on my local network.


You using the generic camera or video program

They are Icamera2 and OC10

Are you trying to get live stream or to take pictures with the camera?

Live stream

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello, it there a way to connect these cameras without the y adapter?

ok got the camera on network, were does the stream info go in the code?


I am also stuck at this stage. I created a Generic Camera, Child, device handlers, and added the URLs I am able to stream locally from the browser. The camera is successfully added to smarthings and shows active. When I go to camera and do a live stream it spins spins and finally returns unable to preview live streaming message. Please help.

I have this working using a custom device handler I adapted using the code from pstuart and also from other camera handlers to add support to take and store still images. My question is does any one know how/if I can leverage the camera’s motion detection in a device handler like Rboy’s FOSCAM DH does? I think the camera has the option to do an HTTP post on motion so maybe I should use that in conjunction with a REST API unless there is a better option.

You should be able to use PoE to power the camera as that is exactly what the y adapter is doing.

Why does this have to be so cryptic? People such as myself and others have been asking for some help, but yet, none is given.

What is the communication path? Does the video go through the smartthings hub? I suspect not, but wanted to be certain. I’m guessing all (not to demean the app) the app does is to open up an app on your phone and pass it the streaming URL for your camera. But maybe that’s not right.

@Lighty, so you’ve installed the two smartapps and the smart device handler? And you can connect from your phone to the streaming URLs you posted?

I just did the above with the PEQ iCamera 1000 and it worked just fine.

That’s right I was able to go that far. And I could see the camera showing active on my smart things. When I go to play I get the “There was a problem retrieving the live stream”. Camera keeps blinking green. Attached is the image of the error I see on SmartThings app.

I am unable to post all the images due to site restriction so posting the final one.