Connecting PEQ Camera (Icamera 1000) to SmartThings

Try this URL, it only works within your network:

Thx Synthesis. Locally I am able to browse using the browser, however, the whole idea of using Smarthings is to be able to view from anywhere as long as connected to SmartThings.

Sadly that requires a cloud enabled camera platform, or a port forward and external url.

To anyone interested, I wrote a SmartApp and Device Handler to work with this. I am still playing with the motion detection so it may be a little buggy right now. Anyone interested can add my GitHub repo to check it out.

Username: karatecarter
Repo: iCamera

To install, add the SmartApp code and the Device Handler code in the IDE, then in the ST app just install the SmartApp. It will create the iCamera devices when installed; just go into them and tap the settings gear and then enter the camera IP. You still can only access camera video from your local network, but all other features should work remotely.

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I’m in the device and getting errors in the motion detect section. Trying to set the IP and settings results in “Please fill out all required fields”… I have looked in the device handler, and verified that all of the fields flagged as required are filled out in the device within the SmartThings app.

That’s strange. Try going to Live Logging in the IDE and try again to set your IP, and see if you see any error/warning messages.

Negative. Nothing in there at all for logging unless I try to turn the camera “switch” function on or off.

I modified the device handler and flagged all required: true fields as false.
This resolved the issue, I’ll be home in an hour or so to test in detail.

Edit: Live stream is obviously not going to work outside of the home until/unless I open up the cameras to the outside world, but I was able to snap a picture from one of them (COOL!), even remotely.

Are you on Android? I think in some other custom handler I noticed a comment saying the author had to switch something to false due to a bug in Android. Actually I just remembered it was for a port number - it said Android required > 2 characters in a required field.

Anyway I also ran into problems with the motion detection not triggering pictures. I think I’ve fixed it and will commit the fix later. Right now I’ve screwed up my Device and it’s not returning any responses, so it may be a while! LOL

Yeah, I’m on Android. This looks pretty slick so far. Thanks for putting in the effort!

How it this coming along. I have a few cameras I can use to test if needed.

Were you able to install the app and device handler from my GitHub repo above? The code in there is the latest, let me know if you have problems with it or suggestions.

For the record, my cameras have been working beautifully with this SmartApp/DTH.
I haven’t done much with the motion detect side of things yet, as one of the cameras is set up indoors and the cats are very active when I’d want motion awareness.

Hi Synthesis

Was it using the device type handler Carter posted or a different one? Please share links…

Carter, thank you for sharing your work. I just downloaded your repo will try it this weekend and let you know how it’s going.

I’m using Carter’s DTH. :slight_smile:

Thx my friend. Will try it out this weekend

Hey guys,

I just got a PEQ camera and want to set it up with my SmartThings. Somehow I could not get anything from this link rtsp://ipaddressofcamera/img/media.sav.
is there a user/password i need to find? or Do you need some other hub to pair PEQ camera first?

Thank you for helping

The PEQ camera, once connected to your wireless (or wired) network, will be available through the SmartApp.
You’ll need the IP address of the camera.

Hey Synthesis, I do have the ip address for the camera. Installed the device handler and app. Added a camera using rtsp://192.168.1.x/img/media.sav but app saying camera unavailable after try to connect for a while

Are you out of the home and trying to view the camera? The URL only works inside the home that way.
If it is properly working though, you should be able to capture an image from it.

Im at home, and connect to same network of PEQ camera. Do you use PEQ camera? Im assuming its the camera login user/password is blocking me. Where do you find the default user/password? Thank you for helping