Connecting Generic Devices

(Stephen) #1

I have issues connecting a generic sensor (HEIMAN) to the Smartthings hub. I have connected them to their own hub and to the Vera and had no real issues. I would like to use them with smartthings as I prefer the interface and other things. Any ideas? I can connect them to the hub but they stay in constant state of motion. I had a similar issue with unsupported Aoen Labs 6in1 and gave up. These sensors are much simplier though they just tell you if there has been motion or not nothing else. Can I lift the connection data from the Vera and drop into the Smartthings hub or anything like that? Any help would be appreciated.

The Motion Sensor is a HEIMAN HS1MS-Z,
I have also managed to get the HEIMAN Door sensor HS1DS-Z working on Vera but not Smartthings.

Ultimately, I would like to get the following sensors working with smartthings:
Wall Socket HS1SK-Z,
temperture humidity HS1HT-Z,
Smoke Sensor HS1SA-Z,
Water leak sensor HS1WL-Z,
Gas sensoe HS1CG-Z,

(Paul) #2

It might be wise to tell everyone as much as you can about the motion sensor in question. Make model etc.

(Stephen) #3

Thanks I have updated the original post.

(Alessandro) #5

I have the water leak sensor. Have you had any luck in pairing?

(Pcguru34) #6

I just bought the Water Sensor HS1WL and it paired with ST as a motion sensor. I changed the type to a “Water Sensor Capability” but it doesn’t recognize when the sensor detects water. I just added them today so I’m going to continue to work with them and when I have something new to report I will post.

I’m new to the ST community so I don’t know how to write custom Device handlers or smartapps as of yet.

(Pcguru34) #7

I have been playing with the Heiman Water Leak Sensor (HS1WL). I tried the built in zigbee device handlers and none of them worked. I found a device handler for the IRIS Smart Water Sensor and it correctly detected and reported the presence of water however none of the other features (battery, Health check, temperature, etc.) worked correctly with the device handler.

while I’m glad I can at least use the device to alert me when it detects a leak I would like it to tell me when the batteries are running low which I’m sure is going to require me to write a custom device handler. I’m new to the SmartThings platform so I haven’t ever written any device handlers. I’m going to look into writing a custome device handler for the sensor however I’m disabled so I won’t be able to do complete this anytime soon nor do I have any technical information on the sensor to aide me in writing the device handler.

I’m going to write the manufacter and see what information I can get from them. If anyone has any information on this sensor (HS1WL) please reply to this thread. I would greatly appreaciate any input anyone has about this sensor. It is also sold under the Homi Security name with the same model number.

(Frank Pulsucki, Jr ) #8

Have you ever gottenHS1WL to fully work with smartthings? What did you do to get it to read water at least? I am a noob son any help is great.

(Pcguru34) #9

You should be able to get SmartThings (ST) to recognize the device (albeit the wrong device) however once it has been discovered by ST you will need to go into ST’s IDE interface/website ( and then manually edit the device (in “My Devices”) from whatever SmartThings detected it as (I can’t remember what device ST discovered it as) to an “Iris Moisture Sensor”. This will at least allow the unit to send alerts etc. when the sensor detects water.

I’m still working on the custom device handler to detect the battery status etc for the device. However it might take some time as I’m new to writing custom code etc for ST and to top it off I have a disability which limits the amount of time I can sit and work on things.

I hope that this helps.


(Frank Pulsucki, Jr ) #10

Thank-you, I did see your other post about doing this and I did do that and get it to at least tell me water present but I was hoping for more input to possibly get the battery life to show up. Thanks and let me know when you get a device type ready.